In 1958, the 1st factory of 57000 m2 was founded in Hanoi.


Annual April 28 has become traditional anniversary of Rang Dong

On April 28, 1964 the Company took pleasure to welcome Late President Ho Chi Minh's visit, Uncle Ho recommended:

 "...well organize management system and employees in the field of science and technology, aiming at increasing productivity, and products' quality, decreasing cost, implementing savings. Meeting needs and desires of people is class consciousness and responsibility of you..."



In the context of business losses due to the influx of cheap Chinese goods to Vietnam, the company has reorganized production, rearranged labor, renewed the operating mechanism, implemented internal accounting Widespread, responsive to the market mechanism. "

1990: The company suffered losses, bank accounts blocked, encountered financial difficulty.

1991: Rang Dong renovated the organization and financial system. The company started generatine profit and the products gradually met customers' demand.

1993: Sale revenue increased by 5.5 times compared to the revenue in 1990, from loss to profit. For the first time, Rang Dong's products were awarded "Top 10 most favourite Made in Viet Nam product". The State President honoured the company First Class Labor Medal.






Since 1980, the Company has developed modernization strategy to prepare for International Economic Integration. The old-fashioned manual production lines were replaced by modern and automatic ones to increase product quantity and quality. The company proactively invested in technology and human resources which are considered as essential elements for the Company sustainable development

"1998: May 1998: invested in modernizing FL production line No.1

November 07th 1998: awarded the 1st Independent Medal by the Government

November 1998: Installed Hungarian glass furnace and P25 blowing machine"


2000: invested 10 new production lines according to factory's modernization program

April 28th 2000: awarded Labor Hero in Renovation period

August: Installed Glass fumace, 2 automatic vacuum flask blowing machines, brought the new inner glass bottle and Korean FL base cap production line into operation

October 25th 2000: Installed fluorescent lamp assembly production line no.2 - the most modern line in Vietnam at that time and brought the compact fluorescent light into operation.

2001: The Company applied ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System into management and production (now named ISO 9001:2008)


2002: Compact Fluorescent Lamp Factory was established.

October 25th, 2000: The compact fluorescent light assembly came into operation, Rang Dong became the first company in Viet Nam to produce "21st century source of light"

October 10th, 2002: Official inauguration of Compact fluorescent production factory


2004: The company officially changed the name into Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask Joint Stock Company according to Decision No.21/2004/QD-BCN signed on March 30th 2004 and operated under charter of joint stock company with authorized capital of 79,15 billions VND




2006: The company expanded production by setting the 2nd location of 52,000 square meters at Bac Ninh Province.

2007: After publicly listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Market, Rang Dong became a public company. The company issued shares and raised authorized capital from VND 79.15 billion to VND 115 billion.

"2008: Despite of the serve economic crisis, Rang Dong still achieved a milestone of 19 consecutive years of development.

- Sale revenue reached approximately VND 890.8 billion, increased 50 billion compared to one in 2007.

- Completed investment project in model production lines."



- Started cooperating with Hanoi University of Technology to establish Joint HUT-RALACO Laboratory.

- Started cooperating with Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to develope LED technology application.

- Started cooperating with Diretorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality in assessment of photo-electrical parameters of products.

- Started cooperating with National Institute of Labour Protection, Vietnam Lighting Association for spreading lighting equipment.




Founded in 2011, RALACO Lighting Research & Development Center (LRDC) is considered as" The Science Technology Brain" of the company. LRDC's mission is to research, develop new light sources, build green lighting systems and solutions to bring a comfortable, energy saving and eco-friendly lighting space.


In 2016: Establish Rang Dong – Foreign Trade University E-Commerce Development Center


- Ranked in TOP 50 Best Vietnamese Listed companies in 06 consecutive years (2013-2019)

- Ranked in TOP 500 largest companies in Vietnam in 07 consecutive years (2012-2019)

- Ranked in TOP 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam in 07 consecutive years (2012-2019)

- Ranked in TOP 1000 biggest corporate income tax payers in Vietnam (according to the Corporate's Financial Report) in 07 consecutive years (2012-2019)

- Ranked TOP 500 fastest growing companies in Vietnam in 06 consecutive years (2013-2019)

- Ranked in TOP 100 competitiveness index companies of 'TOP BRANDS' in Vietnam in 04 consecutive years (2015-2019)

- Ranked 55th in TOP 500 enterprises Vietnam prosperity in 2017

- Ranked 118th in TOP 500 private enterprises Vietnam prosperity in 2017

- Ranked in TOP  500  Most  Profitable  Companies  in  Vietnam in 2017

- Ranked in TOP  10  most  popular  brand  in  Vietnam in 2019

- To be voted as Vietnam high quality goods in 21 consecutive years

- Consecutively since 2005, having received the Standard Bearer from the Prime Minister for completion excellently of business and production tasks, leading the Industry and Trade.

- In 2016, having received the Award of Merit from the Prime Minister in recognition of excellent business operation, contributing significantly to the socio-economic development of Hanoi city

- Awarded the First Class Independence Medal (2nd time) by President of Vietnam for outstanding business achievements.