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A good thermal carafe protects users health

October 2nd, 2023

A thermos is highly useful in making tea or coffee. Given the diverse models of thermal carafes marketed by famous manufacturers such as Rang Dong, Tiger or Lock & Lock, it may be challenging to choose the right product as users will have to consider the thermos material (stainless steel or glass), its many features and designs. Let’s figure it out!

Thermal carafe structure

We will skip the construction of thermos bottles or old thermos flasks but will aim to learn about thermos bottles today. However, their general structure is the same, including two main parts.

The shell

It can be made of plastic or metal depending the manufacturer. Today there are diverse models with various decorations and segments.

The shape should usually be cylindrical to hold more water and easier to handle. The lid of the thermal carafe can be designed to make it  convenient to drink, and may include extra strap to make it easy to carry around.

The core 

Stainless steel is popular for its high durability and anti-rust feature, suitable for those seeking a long-term use. In addition, the stainless steel plug is easy to use, and it won't break once dropped, so it is safe for families with small children.

Many people believe that stainless steel's ability to hold heat is inferior to that of glass. However, on the market today, there are many stainless steel thermos flasks that keep heat as well as glass gut. Choosing high-quality thermos from reputable brands means the product safety and quality are all guaranteed.

Structure of a thermal carafe using stainless steel.

Ease of use and easy cleaning tip

Choose a thermal carafe with an easy-to-hold handle that is easy to fill with water. In addition, check the weight of the thermos plug, because no matter how convenient the handle or spout is designed, it will be inconvenient, and the plug will be even heavier when water is added.

Users should choose a thermal carafe with an easy-to-hold handle.

Another point is whether the plug is accessible for cleaning. A plug with a narrow mouth will make it difficult for cleaning as it won't fit our hands with the sponge. A thermos with a wide mouth is therefore preferable.

Note when using thermal carafe

Before the first use, users should rinse the thermos with water and cook hot water for 30 minutes to remove the silver dust left from the production process.

Users should also refrain from keeping the thermos full of boiling water and need to leave an amount of air on top. By doing so, we can keep the hot water last longer, because water transfers the heat four times better than air, so if the thermos is filled up, the heat will be transferred to the knob and the top of the shell and water will cool faster.

Lock function, safe for families with small kids

The plug does not have a locking cap so it can easily burns the user. Therefore, users should choose a thermos with locking function to prevent unfortunate cases, a point which should be well noted by families with small kids.

The well-designed lid ensures safety for both users and children.


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