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A small vacuum flask is loved by people of all ages

October 2nd, 2023

A small vacuum flask, normally containing 6-10 oz (200-300 ml) of water, along with lovely design and lightweight makes it suitable for kids to carry and open by themselves. In contrast, adults love the medium and large vacuum flasks thanks to their large capacity and style. However, many adults also love small vacuum flask because of the following reasons.

Can be used as a cup

A cup of tea or coffee at work makes us conscious and raises the spirit all day long. However, one may feel upset when picking up a cup of coffee only to find it has been cold. A small flask can really help in this situation. 

Instead of making coffee in a normal cup, let’s make it in a small vacuum flask. The capacity of this flask is suitable for a sip, and as the work attracts again, the flask will help keep the drinks heat and aroma till our next sip.


A small flask can be used as a cup.

The medium and large vacuum flask is inconvenient for this case because its large capacity is not suitable for one drink and its large design doesn’t match with the minimalistic style in the working room. Therefore, a small vacuum flask will make a good choice.

Convenient for bringing to do exercise

A morning walk, running and biking are favorite exercises of many people. When walking or running, comfort is the most important thing, and many do not want to bring water along because it makes them feel heavy and easy to give up. A small vacuum flask with its lightweight fit in our handheld won’t bother us, and also contains enough water to finish the runway.

A small flask makes it easy to bring out while we exercise.

Besides, a small flask fits with the position designed for the water bottle on the bike, so it is easy to bring along.

Advantages in daily use

A small vacuum flask with its largemouth can be used as a food judge. If we prepare a lunch box and need a thing to contain the soup, the small flask is a good choice.

Besides, we can save the planet by using a small vacuum flask when buying a hot or cold drink from a beverage shop.

It can make a lovely gift for the crush, or give good impression when we prepare a special drink in the morning and put it in this lovely small flask for him or her.

A broken vacuum flask can be reused as a pot for a small tree placed on our working table.

For all these reasons, many people have bought the small flask model.

If you agree with us, do not hesitate to own one for a better experience.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Our website: vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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