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Classic thermos bottle with logo - An effective marketing tool

October 2nd, 2023

In the volatile business world, companies not only face socio-economic changes but also fierce competition from rivals. While marketing is considered the key to sustainable development, the budget spent on marketing activities can be huge, so businesses often find ways to cut back or seek alternative solutions. Choosing classic thermos bottles printed with the corporate logo as a promotional gift will bring huge benefits.

A thermos bottle

A thermos bottle is a portable small-sized thermos. It is designed with the same parts as a thermos, but of a smaller size. It can keep liquid hot or cold for an extended period and does not affect the original taste so it is highly convenient for travel or sports training.

The working mechanism of the thermos bottle is based on the principle of heat balance between the hot or cold food or drinks contained inside the bottle and the outside environment. A vacuum layer will help prevent heat loss, thereby keeping the liquid inside hot or cold longer.


A thermos bottle is able to keep liquids hot or cold for a long time. In an environment of about 25 degrees Celsius, it can averagely keep hot for about 4-6 hours and keep cold for about 6-8 hours. The classic thermos bottles are usually designed with 2 or 3 layers to help insulate and increase optimal heat retention. The drinks will be well preserved, with all the taste and nutrients intact.

Thermos bottles are the travel companion thanks to their convenience. 

Moreover, people use thermos bottles to make drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, tea, etc. Besides, it is also multi-functional like helping preserve soup and porridge. Some types of thermos are also equipped with a convenient tea strainer and lids with temperature display. 

Thermos bottles with temperature displays help users check the latest temperature of the drink inside.

Thanks to a compact design, the classic thermos bottle can be very convenient for users to carry anywhere. Classic thermos bottles are durable and will not go out of style. The design is suitable for all ages and can be used in any daily activity.

Stanley classic vacuum bottles are widely used.

Effective brand promotion

Companies can promote their products and brands on many different media channels such as newspapers, television, Internet, etc. However, the cost for the promotion is considerably high. Meanwhile, using thermos bottles as a marketing tool is suitable for companies of all sizes. The corporate logo is often printed on the body or the lid of a thermos bottle. The reusable features of these bottles can bring good communication and advertising efficiency.

Thermos bottles are customized for retail, gifts for employees and special events.

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