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Key points when choosing a thermos for tea brewing

Tea has been one of the most popular drinks globally, while more tea rituals and traditions are observed in Eastern nations. In order to brew and keep the drink for a longer period, users need a good thermos for tea. While the accessory comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, we have identified a few crucial factors in the accompanying buying guide.

Size and capacity

Choosing an appropriate thermos size is the first step in tea brewing. The most common sizes are 12-16 oz (360-470 ml), 16-24 oz (470-700 ml), and 32 oz (950). Larger jugs are available, although they aren't useful for taking along when we are on the move. For family vacations, a large thermos will be useful.


The thermos material is crucial since the inner part comes in direct contact with the beverage. Neutral glass is the greatest option thanks to its safe food-contact feature, which prevents any chemical reactions between food items and neutral glass. Given that no hazardous compounds are emitted during the containing period, the material has been shown to be the best container for every type of food.

Samples of Rang Dong's thermos flasks for tea.

When making thermoses, steel, stainless steel, or glass are frequently used. These materials are enduring and able to withstand time. High-end thermoses utilize double-walled vacuum technology, which successfully maintains the liquid’s temperature. Some companies even provide lifetime warranties, demonstrating their faith in the robustness of the product.

There are less expensive versions made of tin or plastic. However, plastic is not the best material because it is brittle and will not properly hold heat.

Heat retention

Drinks should stay hot or cold in an ideal thermos for at least four to six hours.

The type of thermos material can influence on how well the drink is protected. No heat should be able to escape through air convection under ideal vacuum conditions. It is essential to verify that the thermos has a reflective liner and a tight-fitting cover to assist stop any leaks. 

The best method for keeping beverages hot or cold for a long time is vacuum technology, which allows users to prevent condensation-related mess.

Check the label of standard

The label, which is frequently directly attached to the bottle's body, ought to verify the product's compliance with food safety laws. This is a crucial factor to consider when selecting high-quality drinkware. The most prestigious food safety standards in the world, published by Germany and Great Britain, are the LFGB mark or the BS EN lable respectively which we should look for when purchasing portable water bottles. Nowadays, most of countries have adopted the guidelines as their national drinkware regulations.

Look for famous brands

One of the benefits of buying a portable thermos for tea is the well-known brand name. Famous brands include Thermos, EMSA, Tiger, and Rang Dong, with the latest among them being Vietnam's top manufacturer of vacuum flask products. They all have a long history of producing drinkware. For years, their water bottles have been considered the top kitchen supplies. Their goods are available in marketplaces and convenience stores all around the world.

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