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Pandemic, smaller size, personalized item shape thermos trend

October 2nd, 2023

Along with the continuous development of technology, modern living requires convenient and comfortable housewares. Thermoses used to keep heat and flavor of food and beverage are not an exception. Consumers tend to choose the thermos which offer long heat retention, compact and durable structure and show more personality. We are looking closer at some elements that help shape the world's current thermos trend.


A thermos, also called vacuum flask, is an insulated storage vessel used to retain the temperature of food and beverage it contains, keeping it either below or above the ambient temperature.

The thermos is designed to increase the heat radiation, decrease heat transfer and reduce vapor convection. Its parts include a bottle made of neutral glass or stainless steel, while its casing is often made of plastic or stainless steel.

The best thermos can keep hot for 12 hours and keep cold for 24 hours. These best products are produced by prestigious and hi-qualified manufacturers, and of course their prices always are at top level.

The current thermos trend

The COVID-19 has impacted on the customer’s thermos choice for recent years. People tend to buy the individual flask other than the bigger size one for a group. The most favorite flasks are around 1-liter capacity with a stainless steel bottle for preventing physical impact and easy bringing with.

The demand on the big-sized thermos might grow after the pandemic subdues. Customers would also pay the most attention to the safe items which have satisfied food-contact standards.

Individual thermos trend is highly expected to grow fast in the coming years.

In terms of geography, there is a high demand for thermos in the cold regions where people need to keep their beverage warm. These regions are likely North America, most European nations and a part of Asia. Besides, the Middle East, the famous region for hot tea drinking culture, also observes a high demand for tea pots and coffee pots.

Based on the thermos type, individual items will surely grow faster in the coming years, and a majority of consumers will each own at least one personal thermos. Pupils, students, staff and travelers might become the loyalty customers for this type of thermos. Moreover, any stuff designed for individual use should be unique, expressing the personality by using color, pattern, letter or image on the thermos body. Therefore, the customized personal thermos trend will surely become the mainstream in the near future.

Big size thermos is expected to be the favorite item in each family in cold weather

In terms of key players, companies such as Nanlong, Shinetime, Haers, Thermos, Zojirushi, Peacock, PMI, TIGER, Lock&Lock (HanaCobi Plastic) and EMSA GmbH would win more market share, the website energysiren.co.ke reported.

Among them, Garmany's brand EMSA is developing both stainless steel flasks and vacuum flasks. Zojirushi and Tiger belong to Japan, turning out the top-quality flasks. These manufacturers have been focusing on advertising, designing, and developing promotion initiatives, which are expected to turn the market more competitive.

Based on distribution channels, both online and offline distribution are expected to grow fast. However, due to concerns over infections and also because of a wide choice, customers may prefer online shopping to going directly to the shop. Moreover, online payment methods which are encouraged in most developing countries will provide solid support.

The global stainless steel vacuum bottle market is forecast to post a healthy CAGR of 1.8 percent over the next decade ending 2029, the AP report said, citing forecasts by Market.us.

The market revenue is predicted to reach nearly USD 6.4 billion by 2029 from an estimated USD 5.3 million in 2019, the report said.

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