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Rang Dong Makes Best Vacuum Flask For Drinking On The Go

October 2nd, 2023

Ever schlepped your weary bones over a long section of scorching trail only to find your stash of water has taken a turn for the lukewarm along the way? Carrying a vacuum flask for drinking on the go should be the good idea to keep the drinks warm or cool and stay hydrated for the whole the day. Rang Dong, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, has released a number of well-designed vacuum flasks with good heat retention and excellent leak resistance, which should make the ideal companions for travelers.

RD-1235 N1 and RD 04528 N1

Phích đựng nước RD 1235 N1, Dung tích 1,2 lít, Rạng Đông - P735031 | Sàn  thương mại điện tử của khách hàng Viettelpost

RD-1235 N1 is a 1.2-liter colorful vacuum flask with carry handle, which can be a good choice for travelers.

Given its big capacity, model RD-1235 N1 is Rang Dong's largest vacuum flask in this review and probably the most suitable item for drinking on the go, especially for groups. It also lends itself nicely to family picnics or winter road trips, since its good insulation helps keep hot drinks hot for over 12 hours and still warm after 24 hours. The model has a wide range of colors, making it easy for customers to pick their favorite one.



RD 04528 N1 is perfect for traveling alone

In contrast, model RD 04528 N1 is designed for individual use, with a capacity of only 0.45 liter. Similar to RD-1235 N1, this model cover is made of polypropylene (PP), which is safe for health, and it also has the glass refill that has good heat retention of 12-24 hours. This vacuum flask also has the carry handle, allowing users to hold it while using.

Both of the vacuum flask models have the lid which can be used as a cup. It is designed to help users pour the hot drink without worries about burns, which could occur when drinking directly from the bottle. The model's small capacity makes it suitable for traveling alone with a compact and light bag.

RD 0538 N2 and RD 04528 N2

Both the vacuum flask models RD 0538 N2 and 04528 N2 have small capacity of 0.45-0.5 liter, which is also suitable for traveling alone. They are capable of retaining heat and cold for 12-24 hours. Besides, they are 100-percent leak-proof thanks for their TPE gasket.

Unlike other models, these small flasks do not have any carry handle, which is often an ideal point for chucking in a backpack. Instead, they have a strap so that users without a backpack can easily carry them on the go

Both the models RD 0538 N2 and RD 04528 N2 are equipped with a strap.

RD-0850 N1.T

Model RD0850 N1.T has a handle that can be used as the phone rack, along with a foldable spoon.

Model RD-0850 N1.T is not only a vacuum flask but also a food jar. The item has a 0.85-liter capacity, which is appropriate for a single portion. The flask assists users to keep their meals properly.

The food jar has a silicone gasket for excellent leak resistance, similar to the above mentioned vacuum flasks. Besides, it also has a vacuum layer, which is heat insulated, preventing water vapor condensation inside. Thanks to this feature, the food jar is a superb option for soup sippers and curry chompers who like their lunchtime meals to be hot and plentiful.

While the food jar goes without any cup, which can be a downside for some, its mouth is large enough to eat directly out of the jar. The lid has a convenient handle which can be used as a phone holder, allowing users to enjoy their meal while checking the latest items in their music box.

RD 1100 N1.T

Model RD 1100 N1.T is a food jar, capable of holding 1 liter, and equipped with a compact handle.

When going out, users may also consider the model RD 1100 N1.T, which is another perfect choice of a food flask. Similar to RD-0850 N1.T, this model is designed to keep warm for eight hours.

However, this flask is a bit bigger than the 0.85-liter RD-0850 N1.T food jar. Its compact carry handle right on the lid helps users take their meals along easily

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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