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Rang Dong releases new stainless steel vacuum flask

October 2nd, 2023

If the search is for a coffee pot that looks luxurious on the table after all the ordinary stainless steel thermoses have been too familiar, Rang Dong’s new vacuum flask may be the answer. With an elegant design, the RD 1040 ST3.E model has won users’ hearts just after a short time being on the market.

The specification of model RD-1040 ST3.E 1000ml vacuum flask 

The 1-liter vacuum flask, coded RD 1040 ST3.E, is relatively new among Rang Dong’s products. It has full advantage functions that meet customer requirements. The capacity designed at one liter is sufficient for full-day use.

Specifications of Rang Dong’s new coffee pot RD 1040 ST3.E

The flask’s body cover is made of 100-percent high-grade stainless steel and has an anti-fingerprint coating to increase the thermos’ impact resistance and help make it always shiny and clean. Stainless steel is the special feature for this vacuum flask. Few manufacturers use this material due to its high cost.

The top of the flask is made of food-grade primary ABS or PP plastic. A silicone or TPE gasket is built to seal the lid to the refill so the liquid won’t spill out. The lid has a button for pouring water and can be used as an instant cup when needed. The bottom of the product is made from TPE plastic, with a calculated weight that helps the flask stand stably and insulate well against the table surface.

Exceptional features of model RD-1040 ST3.E

The ability to keep heat is among the striking features of this thermos flask.  After 12 hours, the water temperature remains above 80 percent, while it can keep a cold drink within 24 hours. Easy cleaning is another feature of the flask. Its base can be easily disassembled by twisting off, and it is similar with removing the inner glass refill. We can easily clean each part of the thermos bottle to remove stains and smell.

Rang Dong’s vacuum flask

Furthermore, Rang Dong, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of the vacuum flask, provides OEM service for customers who want to change to their own designs or wish to print their logo. If the customer has any specific design in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know.

How to use the vacuum flask

First of all, twist the lid counterclockwise to open. Then pour the hot drink into the flask. Remember to twist the lid back to close it. To pour the drink from the flask, push the round button on the top of its lid to open the gate. Once done, push the button once again to close the gate and keep the drink hot.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks, or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Our website: vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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October 2nd, 2023
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