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Rang Dong thermos flasks win consumers’ trust

In addition to meeting domestic consumption, Rang Dong has been exporting thermos flasks to many countries. Its flask has won user’s trust and even China, which previously exported vacuum flasks to Vietnam, has now become one of the importers of Rang Dong thermos products.

Advantages of Rang Dong thermos flasks

Thermos flasks, produced by Rang Dong, a Vietnamese manufacturer with 60 years of experience in the field, have outstanding and completely different characteristics that no imported thermos can match.

Hanoi-based Rang Dong’s thermos flasks are produced on an advanced production line in a modern management system by a team of well-trained and highly skilled workers. The home appliance has the most stable quality with the highest heat retention among peers.


Rang Dong has adopted a modern management system and invested in an advanced production line, giving its thermos flask the most stable quality that no imported items can match.


Rang Dong vacuum flasks are equivalent to medical glass or laboratory glassware, as they have high resistance to chemicals, heat and sudden temperature changes within a wide gap. These characteristics have given the company’s thermos flasks the highest durability and safety among products of the same group.


Rang Dong’s glass refill has the highest durability and safety while being friendly to the environment.

Strict product quality moderation process

Rang Dong uses materials which do not contain harmful substances to people, the environment, and are well in line with Vietnam’s food safety standards LFGB and BS EN. Its thermos flasks also conform to Japanese hygiene and safety standards and are favored by consumers in Japan.

In order to reach and maintain such a high-quality level, the production process is controlled from input to output, using the standards ISO 9001 (process control), and ISO 14001 (for the environment). The glass refills is made from neutral glass, which is safe for food. The company also uses modern silver-coated treatment, so this silver layer is safe for food and also has good heat retention.


Glass refills are manufactured in an electric furnace which is automatically controlled, so no fossil fuels are in use.

Materials for thermos flask production are friendly to humans and the environment. Cleaner production technology saves fuel and protects the environment. Glass in the thermos flask comes from a fully electric oven with automatic control. Refraining from using fossil fuels, Rang Dong’s production doesn’t discharge harmful substances into the habitat. Therefore Rang Dong’s thermos flask is an eco-friendly product.

Several samples of Rang Dong’s thermos flasks, which have won consumer’s trust.

From the traditional thermos flasks, Rang Dong has developed the item, adding many colors to meet users’ diverse needs. The product has won heart and mind of consumers in Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Middle East countries etc.  

Rang Dong vacuum flasks available both at home and abroad has brought along the corporate culture as well as Vietnam’s culture, contributing to make shine the products carrying the “Made in Vietnam” brand.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Our website: vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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