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All things about thermos pump pot

October 2nd, 2023

Unlike in the past when there was only a traditional vacuum flask used to keep heat, today there are many types of vacuum flasks on the market and one of them is a thermos pump pot. So what is this type of vacuum flask? Let's figure all about it in this post.

What is a thermos pump pot?

 Sample of a thermos pump pot.

A thermos pump pot, also called “airpot flask”, is a vacuum flask that can retain heat by the glass liner or stainless steel inner lining. The only difference of this vacuum flask type is the pump which is used to suck water out, instead of us having to open the lid. This flask can be filled with hot beverages like tea or coffee, and is used to keep drinks warm for hours. Since  vacuum pump pots do not require electrical power, they are really convenient for outdoors or at temporary locations such as meeting rooms and formal reception.

Rang Dong’s 1-liter thermos pump pot.

Vacuum pump pot is also a relatively safe method of serving drinks thanks to the locking lid, its mechanisms along with no open spouts. This makes it easy and safe when we pour hot tea or coffee into our cup.

Why is the thermos pump pot becoming popular?

This thermos makes it easy to provide hot drinks anywhere without power, reducing the risk of spills and keeping heat well. This means that waiters don't have to wait around to deliver hot drinks, whilst customers can quickly and easily serve themselves. This is extremely convenient for large parties or outdoor events.

How to use this flask?

Using this flask is extremely easy. First, press the two buttons at the top of the plug to flip open the lid. Unplug the water-pumped part and pour the liquid slowly into the flask. Put the water-pumped part back and close the lid. Next, we need to lift up the part of the pump and inject, the stored liquid will outflow. When finished, we just need to flip the pump up a little and the pump will lower to the original position.

Guidance on using the thermos pump pot.

How to choose a good pump flask?

On the market today, there are mainly two types of thermos pump pots, the “glass-lined” flask and the “stainless steel insulated” flask. Their appearance is identical. In order to distinguish them we only need to open the lid and look inside. The glass refill vacuum flask can keep high temperature for a long time. After 12 hours, the temperature remains above 80%, while the thermos can also keep the drink cold within 24 hours.

Parts of a glass refill airpot flask.

As for thermos with stainless steel liner, we need to consider carefully the buying reason. Since some types of the vacuum flask have the inside part made of low-quality stainless steel, it changes the drink flavor and even makes it worse and harmful to our health. However, this type of flask has an advantage that it will not be broken as easily as the glass type.

The above details are some special things about the thermos pump pot

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