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Pump-vacuum jug: keys points for perfect maintenance

Pump-vacuum jugs deliver hot water or drinks with the push of a button or the press of a lever. The button or the lever, located at the top of the jug, acts in a pump mechanism that pushes air into the jug, forcing the liquid into a delivery tube for flowing out via the spout. The jug will work better and last longer if we follow a few guidelines as follows.

Pump-vacuum jug should be cleaned daily

Pump-vacuum jug liners are made of glass or stainless steel. Glass is a more effective insulator. It retains heat or cold longer, keeping it up to eight hours, versus four hours for stainless steel. Glass is less likely to absorb odors from liquids and is easier to clean, but it is more brittle. Stainless liners may retain beverage odors or flavors, but they are more rugged and durable. 

It is simple for users to clean pump-vacuum jugs.

While maintaining a pump-vacuum pot is not difficult, cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Opinions differ on how far cleaning should go, but at the very least, after emptying the pot, rinse it out before refilling. Then, before storing it at the end of the day, empty the pot and thoroughly rinse it with hot water. Wipe it dry, but leave the lid open to allow the interior to fully dry. It is critical that the pot be completely dry before storing. If the storage is only for a few hours, the lid can be left open. For an extended time, close the lid and keep it away from dust and sunlight.

Things to avoid while cleaning 

Abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals or bristle brushes are not recommended. Soft brushes or sponges and mild cleaners should be used. It is highly recommended use the cleaners designed specifically for thermal pots, or mild dishwashing detergents. Vinegar is the most secure cleaning solution for the glass liner. Cleaning the lid, which is more difficult than the jug body, requires a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

In addition, avoid using bleach. While glass is more easily scratched, harsh chemicals can leave holes in stainless liners. Stiff brushes and harsh chemicals may scratch both the types of liners, making cleaning more difficult and affecting the taste of drinks, as well as shortening the pump-vacuum jug life.

Moreover, the jug should not be submerged. We need to avoid placing it or any of its components in a dishwasher which uses higher heat. In general, the jug is designed for simple cleaning so high heat and harsh detergents are not required.

Use only appropriate washing liquid to clean the pump-vacuum jug.

Transporting pump-vacuum jugs with the lid open or, even worse, lifting them by the lid are two of the most common ways people shorten the life of the pots as the handling adds much pressure to the hinges. Dropping will also leave damages to the glass liner or the vacuum seal used for the insulating effect.

The liner of a pump-vacuum jug will last 10 years if properly cared for. We need to replace gaskets every three to five years, even if they aren't worn out, in order to keep the jug in good working order.

So be gentle and prepared, and our pump-vacuum pot should serve the best beverages for years.

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