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Criteria for the best pump thermos flask

January 27th, 2024

The development of technology has helped manufacturers create so many types of thermostats to meet various consumer demands. However, there are many levels of quality for pump thermos flasks which may make customers confused in choosing the right one. Let’s check out the key criteria for the best pump thermos flask in the following article. 

What is a pump thermos flask? 

A pump thermos flask, or airpot, is a flask with a pump-action pourer. It takes the drink out by pumping. The flask structure include an inner bottle containing the beverage, an outside casing to protect the inner bottle, a suction pump, a lid with lever lock and pour spout, a handle and a base. 

5L Stainless Steel Airpot Insulated Catering Flask Jug | Royalford UK

A typical pumping flask with its parts. 

The inner bottle may be made of glass refill or stainless ​steel, while is often used to make the outside casing, apart from ordinary steel. ​Manufacturers prefer using polypropylene (PP) plastic to make other parts. 

The popular capacity for a pump thermos flask ranges between 2.0 liters, 3.0 liters, 5.0 liters and even more, to meet various demands. They are normally placed at a certain place so that people can approach and press the lever lock to take out the beverage in a spout. 


Most families and offices need a pumping flask to share beverages among members. ​The capacity for the best pump thermos flask would be 2 liters or 3 liters, sufficient to make tea or coffee for 6 to 10 people.​ 

But how to choose the best pump thermos ​flask to meet our demand?​ Here are the most rational criteria for the best pumping one. 

  • Function declared on ​the flask label​ The pumping thermos should keep hot ​for a long period, normally of nearly 12 hours, while keeping cold drinks for about 24 hours.​
  • Famous brand name with good warranty service: A reliable manufacturer always ensures the quality of its products with long-term warranty, at least 2 years for vacuum flasks. 
  • Testing the pumping operation: Lever lock is easy to be broken after a short time of use. This part is the most vulnerable in a pumping flask. So it is preferable to try and press the lever lock and study its operation.  

2.2L Pump Action Airpot -Thermal Coffee Flask, Stainless Steel Insulated  Vacuum Airpot Flask, 12 Hours Hot / 24 Hours Cold, Hot Water Dispenser, Tea  Jug, Lab Tested Pump Flask For Hot Drinks -

The flask is operated by pressing the lever lock to take out beverages. 

  • Good appearance: A good thermos always has a good appearance with polish casing and defect-less PP parts. 
  • Customers’ reviews: Nowadays, people prefer buying online to visiting offline shops. Since we do not see the product directly, we should be careful before making a decision to buy. Consumers would check out customers' reviews to see how the product is evaluated. The item with the highest mark would often be taken. 
  • Competitive price: ​This is one of the most important points that prompt us to buy something. However, if we really need a good thermos, do not care too much of the price. The high-quality product often costs higher.​ 

Recommended brands 

Here are the top 5 prestige airpot brands that we may want to consider. 

Thermos – This Japanese brand is recognized globally. It has diverse types of drinkware, hand-held water bottle, airpot, coffee pot and tea pot. 

Zojirushi – This brand also comes from Japan, famous for large size airpots with smart functions of boiling and pumping water. 

Rang Dong – ​a Vietnamese brand, already familiar with consumers in the Middle East and South America. The Hanoi-based manufacturer markets products such as airpots, coffee pots and tea pots, the inner bottle of which is made of glass liner.​ 

Bunn – ​a U.S. brand, founded in the 1950s. The company has a long-term experience in designing and fabricating homeware. Their products, such as high-quality coffee makers and pumping airpots, have won consumers' hearts.​ 

NEW Tiger Thermos Bottle 3L Vacuum drink flask water jug Stainless Fast  Shipping 4904710419434 | eBay

This large-size airpot is manyfactured by Japan's Tiger. 

Tiger – this Japanese brand has gained global popularity for its homeware, including high-frequency rice cookers, pumping airpots and electric kettles. 

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn. 

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rang dong.com.vn.


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