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Push-Button Airpot makes the best assistant in storing hot and cold drinks for extended time

October 2nd, 2023

Push-button airpot has made its way firmly into our daily life thanks to its convenience of keeping hot or cold drinks for a long time. Rang Dong has developed the airpot model RD 2045 ST2.E and it turns out to be one of the best airpots in the company's collection of flasks. Let’s go down to understand the details of RD 2045 ST2.E in the following article.

General information 

Airpot can be seen everywhere, from the kitchen and the living room at home to offices, to hotels and restaurants. One of our favorites is to enjoy hot drinks like coffee or tea, so the demand to keep the hot drinks for a long time is always clear and present, especially in winter and in the cold zones. Of the few devices that can assist this task well, airpot made of neutral glass is considered the safest as it is capable of retaining the drink flavor and the heat for hours.

Rang Dong’s push-button airpot, model RD 2045 ST2.E is the new-generation pumping flask which has been improved in appearance and thermal maintenance. The model, marketed by Vietnam's leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, is available in two colors, deep red and lemon. Its 2-liter capacity can provide hot beverage for more than 10 persons for the whole day.

Rang Dong's push-button airpot, model RD 2045 ST2.E, can guarantee hot beverage for more than 10 people for the whole day.


2 liters


Silicon gasket

Glass refill

PP shoulder

Stainless steel body


Keeps hot for 12 hours

Keeps cold for 24 hours

Applied Standards


BS EN 12546-1:2000

RD 2045 ST2.E, with the body size of 152x365mm, has a simple structure, equipped with a pump, a lid and a hanging bracket.

Rang Dong's airpot has a simple structure

Product features

The dominant performance of Rang Dong's push-button airpot RD 2045 ST2.E is its safety for food containment as the refill is made of neutral glass, the safest material for food contact. Rang Dong is proud to be able to make the glass and form the refill at its Hanoi-based factory, meeting ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The glass comes from an electric furnace that emits no CO2 or SO2. The airpot refill is formed, cooled and silver-coated following a strict process.

The airpot body's anti-fingerprint stainless steel makes another feature of the product that has won the heart of customers. The stainless steel makes the airpot look always shiny and free from dirt or scratches. The material has been used for Rang Dong's many other vacuum flasks such as the two-liter and the 3.2-liter types.

The most wonderful point of this push-button airpot is its impressive ability of keeping hot beverages for 12 hours, which is considered an extended time for any vacuum flask. After the 12-hour period, the hot drink would cool by just 4-6 degrees Celsius. That means if we prepare hot coffee in the morning and keep it in this airpot, we can share cups of the same hot coffee among our colleagues at work during the day.

With this 2.0-liter push-button airpot, we can prepare coffee or tea enough for our team for the whole day.

Hosting a party, we will need to make many big bottles of drinks, be it juice, coffee or tea. But using one to several 2.0-liter airpots, or even at a larger capacity, we will have our best assistant to keep hot or cold drinks to serve a large gathering.

User’s guide

Using Rang Dong's push-button airpot is as simple as other popular pumping flasks. All we need to remember is not to open the lid frequently to prevent heat loss. As the refill is made of glass, it can be broken if dropped or hit. The airpot should be kept out of reach of children. For the final point, cleaning the airpot inside once a day is required to ensure the quality of our drink from the next use.

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