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Crucial points to add to a buying guide for thermos

October 2nd, 2023

A cup of coffee, whether cold or freshly brewed, is a popular way for many to begin their day. Given the diversity of thermos in the market and their worldwide popularity, knowing how to select the right flask is crucial. In the view of a leading flask product manufacturer, we have identified several crucial factors to add to the buying guide for thermos.

Size and capacity

The first step in purchasing a thermos is to pick the right size. Most travel mugs come in 12-16 oz (360-470 ml), 16-24 oz (470-700 ml), and 32 oz (950) varieties. Although larger mugs are available, they aren't useful for wandering around town or during commutes. A large one will be more suitable for family vacations. 

We can choose thermos with various capacities according to our needs. For maximum ease while moving, personal travel flasks should be able to hold 1 litre or less of liquid, and constructed of plastic or stainless steel.

Premium performance

The performance of a thermos can be evaluated in 3 points, namely heat retention capability, material safe for health, and impact resistance.

For heat retention, it's always the question of temperature reduction over the course of time. An ideal thermos should be capable of keeping drinks hot or cold for at least four to six hours. The type of thermos material can affect how well the drink is protected. No heat should be able to escape through air convection under ideal vacuum conditions. It is essential to verify that the thermos has a reflective liner and a tight-fitting cover to stop any leaks.

The best method for keeping beverages hot or cold for a long time is vacuum technology. The technology in place also allows users to prevent condensation-related messes.

Secondly, neutral glass is the safest material for food containers. Standing next are quality stainless steel with excellent surface treatment and premium plastic without BPA. Please bear in mind these specs when searching for the best thermos. 

The good materials ensure no toxic chemicals are released when the stored liquid, be it food or beverage, comes into contact with the bottle. As such, the thermos can keep food flavor unchanged, while protecting users' health. 

There are cheaper options made from plastic or tin. But plastic is not the best choice as it can crack easily while it won't retain heat effectively. The best material for a thermos should stay cool when being filled with hot beverages while it should not sweat if filled with cold drinks.

An ideal thermos should eventually be impact-resistant. For a glass flask, it might not meet this standard, but neutral glass is the safest material for contact with food, thus a thermos with a glass refill might be the best option for use indoors and without moving too much. In the meanwhile, materials like plastic and stainless steel that can be slightly bent without breaking completely or partially show their resilience to impact.

Trusted Brands 

There are numerous water bottle brands to choose from. It will be challenging to manage the quality of, and effects on consumer health from products sold on the market with an ambiguous provenance.

Select products from recognized brands that are certified for quality, user safety, complete disclosure of the material's toxicity, and suggested use, along with after-sales service.

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn.

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