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Daily cleaning to extend thermal bottle life, keep users safe

October 2nd, 2023

Cleaning a thermal bottle, which has become one of our 'daily' items given its convenience, not only helps extend its lifespan, but also protects the user's health.

Daily cleaning matters

In order to avoid diseases or unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended that we should clean our water bottle daily, not just with water, but with an antibacterial dishwashing agent.

It may be faster and more convenient to refill our thermal bottle, sip till the last drop, rinse with water, and repeat. However, when health is on the line, it's well worth the extra work to disinfect the bottle at the end of the day. We also suggest using stronger cleaning solutions such as water cleaning tablets, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or bleach on a daily basis.

Please find here under simple, step-by-step cleaning instructions which will not only help keep the thermal bottle last a lifetime, but also keep us hydrated safely throughout the day.

Daily wash with warm, soapy water

The first step in keeping a thermal bottle disinfected and clean is to carefully wash it every day with warm, soapy water. We suggest using a bottle brush to gently clean all of the hard-to-reach spots around the lid. Never put the thermal bottle in the dishwasher since high temperatures and washing procedures might harm the exterior.

Remove Oxidation Spots With Vinegar 

Over time, oxidation can leave spots on a metal thermal bottle. Fill the bottle halfway with distilled vinegar and gently swirl it around to remove any discoloration. Rest for five to 10 minutes for cooling. Mix 3 tablespoons baking soda with a little water and clean the bottle with a bottle brush to remove stubborn spots.

Using Water Cleaning Tablets to Sanitize

Water cleaning tablets are another option for sanitizing the thermal bottle. When we need to deep clean your bottle to get rid of unpleasant smells or mold, this procedure is a good alternative. Fill the bottle halfway with water and drop the tablets in according to the package's directions. Leave 30 minutes to pass before properly rinsing the bottle with water. Sanitizing with water cleaning tablets is a convenient cleaning approach because it minimizes the need for scrubbing with a bottle brush.

Thorough drying

After washing the thermal bottle, dry it thoroughly with a paper towel or clean dish towel, regardless of the method we use. As bacteria grow in damp conditions, this will ensure that the newly cleaned bottle is clean. Another approach is to air dry the bottle with the cap removed to prevent moisture from developing.

Cleaning our thermal bottle on a daily basis is the most effective approach to keep the item in fine condition. The bottle will stay clean for years if these simple daily care steps are taken seriously.

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