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Delicious lunches with Rang Dong’s thermos food jar

October 2nd, 2023

Even in the warm weather, it's great to have a hot lunch at work. However, many workplaces do not have microwaves or are overloaded that makes it impossible to use the hot lunch option. So a thermos food jar is extremely convenient. The following easy recipes can be useful, with help from a Rang Dong thermos food jar. Let’s start!

Cooking hard-boiled eggs

Rang Dong’s thermos food jar, model RD 0850 N1.T

Ingredients: three eggs and boiled water. Firstly the thermos needs to be warmed up by adding boiling water and filling it till a quarter full. Tilt the thermos food jar to place the eggs slowly and gently in. Fill the thermos with boiling water and close the lid tightly. Set the thermos aside and let the eggs soak for about three hours. During this time please attend other activities. Then, remove the eggs with a spoon and soak it in cold water. Eggs are ready to be peeled and served.


Eggs cooked by the thermos food jar.

Cooking Pasta 

Similar to the first recipe, please boil enough water in the food jar. While waiting for hot water, please prepare the following ingredients: a pack of pasta, a little bit of salt, and sauce. 

Put the noodles in the food jar, then slowly pour the boiling water into the jar until the jar is full and tighten the lid.


Cooking pasta by Rang Dong’s food jar

Cooking pasta is faster than boiling eggs. Please wait for 12-15 minutes, then open the lid, decant the water out. Now sprinkle a little salt and pour the pasta sauce over and we will have a delicious lunch.

Cooking oatmeal

Ingredients: ½ cup of rolled oat, ½ tablespoon of honey, a banana, and an apple.

Place oats and a little honey in the food jar or a similar food container that is about 12 oz. Fill the hot water and close the lid tightly. It is wasted for about 30 minutes for cooking. 

When the time is up, open the thermos, stir the oatmeal, add fruits such as banana, apple, or any other toppings and enjoy the meal.


Oatmeal made in a thermos food jar for lunch.

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