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Rang Dong’s compact food blender to make life easier

From healthy drinks to various meals, a food blender must be our best  assistant as it is designed for various outputs while shortening the entire cooking process. Rang Dong has such products on offer, along with super healthy recipes.

Products specification

Rang Dong, Vietnam's leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, has lately marketed two models of food blenders, RD-MX7304A and RD-MX8204A

Focusing on simplification and compactness, the new food blenders feature a smaller, sleeker design than most available commercial blenders, thus they will keep not too much space in our kitchen.

For a middle-sized food blender option, Rang Dong’s products cover two basic demands, namely pureeing and grinding. A knob provides a three-speed setting and a pulse function, giving users more control and versatility. The blender jar, with a capacity of 1200ml or approximately five cups, is ideal for single or small-sized family servings while built-in handles make it easy for carrying around.

The grinding jar is useful for tasks such as grinding garlic or parsley for homemade dressings or sauces. Within a few seconds, the ingredients will be ground quickly and effortlessly. 

However, if we are seeking a kitchen assistant, model RD-MX8204A appears to be a better option. The model is equipped with an extra medium-sized grinding jar, allowing us to continue preparation without having to wash up jars.

Rang Dong's food blender model RD-MX8204A. Three jars with different sizes make it flexible among blending, grinding, and pureeing options. 

Rang Dong’s products stand out for their durability characteristic, in addition to being compact and multi-purpose food blenders. The food blenders’ jars are made of food-graded anti-scratch, shock-resistant PP plastic, or polypropylene plastic. The blades are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, thus its sharpness will last longer. 

Furthermore, the power cord is wound with 100 percent pure copper to assure the longevity and strength of the motor

Delicious creamy healthy green smoothie

Rang Dong's food blender model RD-MX7304A maintains all nutrition and flavors of our drinks thanks to a strong motor. 

Smoothie recipe: 

½ cup of avocado (about one half of an avocado)

1 frozen banana

½ cup of yogurt

¼ cup of peanuts (we can use peanut butter or almond butter as substitutes)

A handful of Spinach or Kale of our choice


Place all the ingredients in Rang Dong’s food blender and turn it on till smooth. Taking just under 1 minute, we can get a cup of creamy, naturally sweet smoothie full of fiber and nutrition to boost our day. We highly recommend serving it immediately to fully enjoy the freshness.

It is free to add a twist to the original recipe. We can try adding almond milk or any milk of our choice instead of yogurt and adjust the added amount to reach the desired consistency.

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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