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How to make coffee and several famous coffee

October 2nd, 2023

Coffee drink is one of the most favourite drinks in the world. Despite various recipes, simple roasted ground coffee with boiling water is still the best known drink. Coffee beans are the soul of every coffee drink. The procedure to make a perfect coffee powder is really interesting and needs the skill and know-how. In this article, we would like to share with you some information about coffee, several famous coffee and how to make coffee drinks.

History of coffee

The first coffee is grown in Africa and Saudi Arabia, and then discriminated in different places in the globe. The Dutch cultivated coffee in their colonies. In 1710, European merchants brought coffee plants and tried to grow them in the European continent. Evangelists, tourists and vendors continuously brought coffee beans all around the world and seeded at each pace. Within only 100 years, many kinds of coffee appeared and coffee has become the most popular commodity in our globe.

History of coffee

Nowadays, the biggest countries of planting coffee include Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Kenya. They are located in a tropical zone, the ideal climate for best coffee. The most delicious coffee voted by people is Arabica, then Catimor, Robusta and Culi.

How to make coffee powder?

Coffee beans are the soul of every coffee drink. But how to prepare a perfect roasted ground coffee? Let’s go down to know more about how to make coffee powder.

Roasting and grinding coffee beans are the most important stages in the procedure of coffee preparation. The fragrance of coffee is made in these stages.


The temperature of roast is between 190oC and 250oC. Roasting within 12 – 15 minutes depending on type of coffee beans.

During the roast stage, coffee beans start cracking at 140oC – 150oC. We will hear the light explore sounds of the beans. When the temperature rises, coffee beans turn from brownish to deep brown, and give grassy smell, their volumes also become bigger. Until the volumes keep unchanged, the roast stage ends.


Right after roasting, you must cool the beans to maintain its fragrance. Electric fans are often used to cool the roasted coffee beans.

Keeping cold and grinding coffee

After cooling the fan totally, coffee beans are kept cold at least 7 days before grinding.

Packaging and storage

Roast ground coffee is easier to lose smell than coffee beans. Therefore, oxidation happens quickly, it must be kept inside a closed bag with vacuum pumped treatment. These coffee packages shall be placed in dry and cool areas.

Roasted ground coffee

Several famous coffee

How to make coffee Arabica?

Arabica is known as the most delicious coffee in the globe. Its origin started in a meadow of Ethiopia, Africa. After being discovered, it is seeded in many different places. 

Arabica coffee

The procedure of preparing Arabica coffee includes the steps as below.

  1. Harvest ripen green coffee beans
  2. Remove all contaminants such as dust, leaves, barks, soil, etc.
  3. Dry or grind coffee beans by machine at a certain humidity.
  4. Keep and store Arabica coffee beans in dry and cool places.

Arabica has its own fragrance which is considered to be fascinating and elegant. Moreover, its taste is not as bitter as the other coffees’. Arabica’s acidity is higher, so the taste is a little sour like winey taste that characterizes coffee with excellent acidity. If you are an accomplished person, you cannot vote Arabica for the #2.

How to make coffee Robusta?

Robusta is also arisen from Ethiopian meadows. Robusta contains higher caffeine content than Arabica. Its smell is relatively strong and like fresh peanut smell.

Robusta coffee beans

After harvested, Robusta beans are dried under standard procedure. Then people roast the beans until a burning smell appears and the beans crack.

Preparing with boiling water, a cup of Robusta can help you to be alert in the morning to start a new energy-full working day.

An ideal cup of Robusta for your early morning

How to make coffee Catimor?

Catimor is one kind of coffee which was developed in 1959 in Portugal, hybridized by two kinds of coffees Caturra and Timor. Easy to plant, high productivity are the dominant characteristics of Catimor.

Catimor coffee beans

Its taste is really strong and dense. The reason is Catimor is the hybrid-coffee from Caturra and Timor, moreover, Timor is a hybrid-type of Robusta and Arabica. That’s why Catimor contains flavours of 4 different coffees.

An ideal cup of Catimor for your early morning

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