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In love at the first sight with Rang Dong’s new food containers

October 2nd, 2023

For office staff, workers and students who need perfect food containers for lunch, Rang Dong’s latest model of food jar surely satisfies any demand as it keeps unchanged the food flavor from the early morning to noon time. Safe material, convenient use, compact design and elegant colors are the dominant characteristic of this food container.

General information

The Food Jar, one of Rang Dong’s new products in the series of food containers, has won immediate appreciation of customers nationwide right after its first launch this year. Here are some specifications of the model marketed by Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products.

  • Model: RD 0850 N1.T
  • Capacity: 850 ml
  • Keeps hot after six hours: ≥ 80oC
  • Material: PP Body, PP lid, PP bottom, Glass refill, Silicone gasket
  • Passed LFGB and BS EN 12546-1:2000.

Rang Dong’s latest model, the 850-ml food jar, belong to the series of food containers.

Product features

The food jar has a large mouth, suitable for keeping porridge or noodle. The meal can be served directly from the jar without any bowl while a foldable spoon is available inside. The model is designed with a vacuum layer for heat insulation, preventing water vapor condensation inside. The carrier on the lid is convenient to hang with. It is adjustable, making the lid capable of keeping a mobile phone within reach.

The refill of all Rang Dong’s vacuum flasks is made of neutral glass which is proven to be absolutely safe for human health. The glass liner is coated with a silver layer to enhance the jar’s heat retention. The lid, bottom and body of the food container are made of Polypropylene plastic, the very material proven to be not harmful or toxic. The jar has another feature as it is built with a silicone gasket which helps keep heat for a long time.


The food jar is designed to have a foldable spoon and a vapor button.

The carrier of the food jar can be multifunctional.

Rang Dong’s latest model comes in pastel colors.

Three colors are available, namely light blue, light green and light pink. The pastel tone gives the food jar elegance and also creates a cozy feeling.

Additionally, the product can be delivered with the owner’s name or lovely citations printed on the body as Rang Dong can make it at customer’s specific order.

All of Rang Dong’s food containers are complied with LFGB and BS EN 12546-1:2000, the strict standards for food contact and food container regulations. The compliance is the best assurance for customers using this food container

User’s Guide

Let’s say we pour hot porridge into the jar. Twist the lid tightly and the jar is ready to be brought along.

Once it’s time, twist to open the lid and smell the unchanged flavor of the porridge. Adjust the carrier on the lid, place the mobile phone on and enjoy the meal while listening to favorite songs.

Instant noodle can be made using this food jar. Put a dry noodle bar inside, pour the boiling water and several toppings of choice, twist the lid tightly and let it stand for five to seven minutes. After that, open the lid and taste the noodle to see how delicious it is.

Please remember to clean the jar after each use, and dry it properly to best protect our health.

The food jar keeps unchanged the meal flavor.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Our website: vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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