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Karkade - Unique tea with many health benefits

October 2nd, 2023

Hibiscus flowers, which are often seen at the front fence and associated with childhood in the countryside, have various benefits. In Sudan and Middle Eastern countries, tea made from dried hibiscus flower called Karkade is very famous.


While in Vietnam, hibiscus is only grown as a fence or an ornamental plant, and no one plans to make food from this flower, in Sudan and other Middle Eastern countries hibiscus flowers are dried and made into a type of tea called Karkade. This tea is very popular in summer with Sudanese, who believe that hibiscus flowers are rich of vitamin C, minerals and have the ability to lower blood pressure.

A Hibiscus flower.

Karkade has the characteristic red color of hibiscus flowers. Since this is a very popular drink, dried hibiscus is easily found for sale in traditional markets in Sudan.

Dried hibiscus on sale

How to make Karkade tea?

The way to make Karkade tea is very simple. Boil about one liter of water, add half a cup of dried hibiscus flowers (about 15 gram), stir occasionally, filter off the petals, add sugar. Depending on taste, we can add a bit of lemon juice for a fresher flavor. Then place Karkade tea in the refrigerator before use.

Karkade tea.

There is another way of making the tea that is equally simple. If fresh hibiscus flowers are used, Karkade tea will have the color similar to that of the flower we choose. After picking flowers, wash and remove the pistil.

Then put the flowers in a large vase and pour boiling water. The boiling water will wilt the petals and the water will turn red.

And when the petals are gone, take them out of the vase, add a little sugar according to taste.

After the tea cools down, add a little lemon juice. When lemon is added, the color changes from dark red to magenta.

Pour the tea into a glass, garnish with lemon slices, add ice cubes to make a great Karkade tea for a summer day.

In Sudan, Karkade tea is not only processed at home but also served in many restaurants and eateries. Visiting Sudan, travellers are recommended to try and enjoy this special tea. Maybe one can fall in love with it and try to make this specialty at home. With just a few steps to the front fence, we can have the ingredients ready for this Karkade pot.

In ancient Sudan, Karkade was already considered a beverage for special occasions such as weddings and parties. Today, Karkade can be found everywhere in modern Sudan, from restaurants to cafes. Hotels use Karkade as a welcome drink for visitors.

Karkade is a kind of drink used to welcome visitors.

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