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Laban, a special version of yoghurt in Middle East

October 2nd, 2023

Natives in the Middle East and North Africa use fermented milk to make laban, and serve in every meal. In some parts of the vast region, it stands for yoghurt, while in the other part it is buttermilk, both of which are nutritious and good for digestion. Nowadays, laban has been known in many countries and is preferred due to its flavor and benefits.

What is laban?

Making laban started a long time ago as a way to preserve milk. People ferment the milk for around 24 hours and then churn it to get butter. The leftover milk, or buttermilk, will be kept for several days at room temperature before being served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A jar of laban, a dairy product made by natives in the Middle East and North Africa

Laban in particular, and other types of fermented milk in general, are known to be healthy drinks, apart from the function of relieving us from thirst. Drinking laban can also cool the body. Its composition has high content of nutrients, calcium, proteins, vitamins etc. Therefore, the beverage is good for developing bones in children and strengthening bones in adults. Moreover, scientists have proven laban can boost the immune system, and support digestion.

How do Middle East and North Africa natives make laban?

A long ago, the Middle Eastern people did ferment buttermilk naturally to make laban. It is a form of thick and creamy yoghurt. To make laban, the main ingredients must be fresh milk, with a fat content between 1 and 3 percent, and sour cream. People warm the milk first but not by boiling it, then add a proper amount of sour cream. Stir the compound very well and gradually, making sure that the sour cream dissolved entirely into the milk.

Then, they pour the mixture into a glass container, cover it and let it stand for 24 hours in a warm place, ensuring that the ambient temperature is around room temperature. If we make a large amount of laban, it should be stored in the fridge so as to keep the nutritious drink for a week. The final product, the original laban, is a form of thick and creamy yoghurt with a sweet and tangy taste.

The ideal way to taste laban for most enjoyable

Like other types of yoghurt, laban can be mixed with fruits, used as an ingredient to make cakes, or added to salad dishes. However, in order to get the most enjoyable taste of laban, the original way is to have it fresh.

Despite many recipes of mixing and cooking, the natives in the Middle East and North Africa still drink a small cup of fresh laban during each meal. This is also the best method to help digestion.

Strawberry laban is perhaps the best drink for rejuvenating skin.

How to keep laban flavour unchanged?    

Currently, there are many kinds of food containers to keep drinks. Among them, stainless steel flask and vacuum flask are the two types to keep unchanged the flavor. The flask must be chosen carefully. Here are several tips that may come handy: i) famous brand; ii) passed LFGB and BS EN 12546-1:2000; iii) long-term warranty; and iv) high quality.

Laban kept in such flasks can be tasteful the whole day, so it can be go along with either breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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