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Rang Dong’s 1,000-ml Vacuum Flask Best for Middle East Market

October 2nd, 2023

Most of Middle Eastern people love tea and have it anytime during the day. Tea should be the best drink when it’s hot. In order to keep the drink hot, people there choose vacuum flasks, of them Rang Dong’s 1,000-ml vacuum flask, models RD-1040 ST2 and RD-1040 TS, has gained popularity. Let’s figure out the reasons in the following article.


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Parts of the 1,000-ml vacuum flask, the best product for the Middle East market

The two models have the same size, 130 x 260 mm, and are able to contain 1,000 ml of liquid. The size is good enough for the vacuum flask to stand steadily on a tea table or in the kitchen.

Top, bottom and the handle of the flask are made of food-grade primary ABS or PP plastic. The body of the flask is made of stainless steel. Model RD-1040 ST2 is suitable for users who life simple design, while model RD-1040 TS has colorful patterns.

Inside the cover is a glass refill, which helps keep the heat of the drink. The refill has two glass layers with vacuum empty space in between, preventing the heat transfer. Moreover, there is a silicone or TPE gasket in the flask lid, which seals it to the refill to stop any leakage. When being poured out, the stream of the drink doesn’t splash. The hot tea will remain hotter than 78 ˚C after six hours. It means we can effortlessly have hot or warm tea all day long.


Several shots of models RD-1040 ST2 and RD-1040 TS.

RD-1040 ST2 and RD-1040 TS vacuum flasks are easy to disassemble for cleaning. The top and bottom can be twisted off within a few seconds to remove the glass refill for washing, along with other parts. For cleaning the refill, the toughest part, it is recommended to soak it with a mixture of vinegar and warm water for a day. All the stains from tea will be removed.

Exceptional features for the Middle East market


Rang Dong designs model RD-1040 TS with various colored patterns.


While the shape of the vacuum flask is popular almost everywhere in the Middle East, it’s hard to find beautiful patterns like those developed by Rang Dong. Rang Dong’s products have many good designs for customers to choose like colorful bubbles, peach blossom, school of fish, checked pattern etc. The patterns are printed directly on the stainless-steel leaf so they’re not easy to come off.

The Hanoi-based Rang Dong provides OEM service for customers who want to change the pattern to their own designs or have their logos printed. The company has been exporting these 1,000-ml vacuum flasks to Middle East countries.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know should you wish to have your own mark there.

User’s guide

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Guidance for using Rang Dong’s 1,000-ml vacuum flask.

These 1,000-ml vacuum flasks have no strainer so it’s quite simple to use. First of all, twist the lid counter clock to open. Pour the hot drink into the flask. Remember to twist the lid back to close it. 

If we pour the drink from the flask right away, it won’t come out because the gasket seals the flask mouth. We need one more step: push the round button on the top of the lid to open the gate for the drink, then pour it out. Once finished, push the button once again to close the gate, thus keeping the drink hot.

The refill is fragile so be cautious. Do not place the flask near kids. Don’t put it into the oven or drop it from a higher ground.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Our website: vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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