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Making herbal tea by using thermos for hot water

Herbal tea is a great flavorful beverage, one of the healthiest things we can drink. The best material used for making the tea is glass, while we need to avoid aluminum or copper equipment as they may have neurotoxic effects. Let’s try the easy way of making herbal tea just with a thermos for hot waterLet’s make a cup of herbal tea for an energy day.

Health benefits of herbal tea

Herbal teas are not only made from leaves but also include flowers, fruit or roots. There are hundreds of different herbal teas with varying tastes and benefits. They could be stress reduction, digestion improvement, anti-aging, support skin health etc. Especially, most herbal teas are caffeine-free.

The best-known tea is green tea. It can help burn body fat, improve cholesterol levels and stunt the growth of cancer as well.

We can enjoy our day with herbal tea prepared by a thermos for hot water.

Anti-aging effect

Herbal tea helps slow down the aging process by providing antioxidants. A thermos for hot water can be used for making the tea every day, thus turning the user’s skin glowing and younger.

Improve the digestive system

Herbal tea can reduce acid reflux and improve stomach muscles. It also helps us digest nutrients more easily.

Relieve stress

Herbal tea served from a thermos for hot water not only relaxes our mind but also helps sleep better, because L-theanine, the key ingredient in herbal tea, helps reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep.

Drink up

Given we’ve know the benefits of herbal tea, here comes the guide on how to make the best tea.

Please prepare equipment for tea making. A thermos for hot water with a glass inner is the best storage thing. Next, we need a strainer to filter the fibrous material of the herbs after they have steeped. It looks like a miniature kitchen strainer with a long strainer basket.

Follow the instructions below.

Firstly, boil water by tea kettle. While waiting for water to boil, put the tea leaves in the strainer and place in the teapot. Just fill half of the strainer because the herbs will expand dilate when they are steeped. Double the amount of tea for making iced tea. When water reaches a suitable temperature, pour it into the teapot. A thermos for hot water assists best our tea time. We can re-steep our tea after finishing the first steep, but we need to wait longer because the tea needs more time to draw out the flavor.

Rang Dong markets the 1-liter teapot as in the photo.

A guide on how to steep tea to make herbal tea in the thermos for hot water.

A quick way is carrying a few tea bags or tea balls and the thermos for hot water. Put such a bag in the thermos, regardless where we are, and a fresh cup of tea will be ready shortly.

Rang Dong offers the 0.45-liter handheld thermos for tea.

Notes on cleaning

Day after day we make herbal tea in our thermos, so after a while it starts to gather deposits and get a musty smell. The thermos should be cleaned with the following tip. Use the bottle brush to minimize staining scrub inside. We can also use vinegar or baking soda as a scrubbing powder. Let them sit a while, or even overnight to get the best result. Once rinsed properly, a cleaned thermos is ready.

Vinegar or baking soda can be used as a scrubbing powder to clean our thermos.

Drinking herbal tea can make us healthier and happier. Cheers to our better health. 

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