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Multi-functional electric thermos flask makes wide application

October 2nd, 2023

An electric thermos flask can fascinate customers because it offers both the functions of boiling water and holding hot water for a long period. The product from manufacturers such as Tiger, Panasonic and several others has been made widely available in supermarkets. For a closer look at this convenient item, let’s check out the following article.


If we key in “electric thermos flask” to search on Google or other search tools, some of the results may suggest electric kettles. In fact, an electric thermos flask is different from an electric kettle. To be more precise, an electric kettle can only boil qatar, but it is not able to keep water hot for a long time. Meanwhile, an electric thermos flask has both the functions of boiling water and keeping it hot for an extended period.

Here is a sample of an electric thermos flask manufactured by Panasonic

The electric thermos flask has emerged recently as a more favorite item thanks to its convenience. Offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes are where an electric pumping thermos flask has been used the most. The device is capable of holding at least 3 liters of liquid.

Several features of an electric thermos flask

An electric thermos flask is now integrated with the automatic boiling mode, for example every 6 hours. Users will just need to pour water in the flask, plug the power cord and hot water will be ready for use in around 3-4 minutes.

On the body of the flask, there are several lines to indicate the water level, which theoo users how much water is available inside. Additionally, the product is often equipped with a lock to protect users, especially children, from getting burns.

Apart from the main functions of boiling water and retaining hot water, several products can also be used as an electric cooker to make noodles, porridge and even rice. Therefore the cost of a multi-functional thermos flask is often much higher than that of an ordinary thermos.

Zojirushi provides 3 types of electric thermos flasks, capable of holding 3 liters, 4 liters and 5 liters

The electric thermos flask with 3-liter and more capacity is the ideal stuff for use in households, hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices. Generally, the ordinary electric flask can keep hot for 6 hours, from 100oC to 86oC. However, the premium one can keep hot longer, for 10 hours, or even 12 hours. At this range of temperature, we totally enjoy all the 3 liters of hot drink during this period of time.

For users’ caution, there is always hard water content in fresh water, So after a period of boiling water, the hard water will form deposits on the bottom of the flask’s inner bottle. Users should therefore clean the inner bottle either daily or every couple of days, to ensure the optimal performance of the flask and the drinking water’s purity.

Which brands can be reliable?

Japanese brands such as Panasonic, Tiger, and Sharp are the most famous for the electric thermos flask with auto-boiling function. We may also find Sunhouse or Media electric thermos on e-commerce stores and offline kitchenware shops. There is a little difference in quality and lifetime among these flasks so customers will often be satisfied with their performance.

For a simple electric flask, Sunhouse or Media brands should do. If we are interested in the multifunctional electric flasks, Panasonic can be the item of choice for busy people since it is designed with the auto-boiling mode.

Tiger electric thermos flask is designed to have control buttons on the lid

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