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Pointing out the hydro flask for tea drinks in Saudi Arabia

October 2nd, 2023

Hydro flask’’ often makes us think of the modern stainless-steel type. But in fact, “hydro flask” describes all types of flasks used for keeping drinks. One of the world’s ancient flasks is the Arabic version. And in this article, we will understand more about this unique and classic Middle Eastern hydro flask which is famous for features of Arabic natives.

Popular hydro flask for tea in Saudi Arabia

While the modern hydro flasks are mostly made of the more durable stainless steel and glass refill, Arabic people still use their traditional teapot in daily life. These teapots mainly are hand-made from ceramic or metal, with Arabic-cultural patterns on the body. Travelling to the Middle East, visitors can easily find the classic-type hydro flask for tea in markets.

Arabic teapot is always used to brew tea or coffee directly on fire. Arabic natives prefer hot drinks prepared over fire, and if they want more, they will make a new pot. Drinking hot tea has become a feature of Arabic culture that has been existing for thousands of years in human history. Up to now, in the Middle Eastern rapid changing life, boiling tea in the traditional pot remains essential.

Metal hydro flask is impressive with it pattern and style

The pattern is sophisticatedly sculptured with curves and lines to make each detail on the body of the teapot. Unlike other teapots around the world, an Arabic traditional hydro flask used for tea is unique. These flask’s capacity is either 0.5 litre or 1.0 litre while there are just some with bigger volume. It is very difficult to find a two-litre teapot, which could be made by the craftsman at order.

A classic-version hydro flask in Arabic culture carries many sophisticated details on the body

Ceramic hydro flask can be found in every corner in Saudi Arabia

Ceramic teapot appeared in Arabic culture later than the metal teapot. But up to now, it has become more favourite in Middle East life. Arabic people retain their manual method for making ceramic hydro flasks. That’s why many teapots carry Arabic patterns on the body. A strainer is always attached to the teapot to help filter tea leaves.

Ceramic teapot is now well-known in every corner


While the Arabic ceramic technique is not much different from that in other countries, many still like to buy the Arabic item partly because ceramic is safe for food contact.

For visitors, getting a cup of tea from this particular teapot in Saudi Arabia is easy since the drink is served everywhere, in families, at restaurants, carafes or even in the desert.

For fans of ceramic products, obtaining several Arabic traditional hydro flasks made from clay is a must as it will make the collection more impressive and precious.

Samples of drinks for breakfast in Arabic culture

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