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Rang Dong’s various types of coffee pots cater to different needs

October 2nd, 2023

A coffee pot is an ideal item to bring along to work or any outdoor events, like trekking or camping. The handheld type has a fashionable design and comfortable single-handed operation to help start the day with fresh energy. The press button of the coffee pot is an efficient way to pour a cup of coffee. Here is our introduction for types of coffee pot.

Rang Dong’s coffee pot stores fresh coffee

The vacuum flask produced by Rang Dong, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, has a safety glass refill with high heat retention, in compliance with European and Japanese standards. All products are made from premium PP plastic, and the silicone gasket on lid is certified by SGS, a Swiss multinational company that provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. 

Coffee pot is indispensable for coffee lovers

Given a wide choice of coffee pot types, it’s easy to choose and store instant coffee or filter coffee. Specially, a strainer incorporated in the pot helps prepare coffee anytime, anywhere. All we need is coffee, a pot and a cup for a perfect coffee time. As a personal item, coffee pot shall make it easy and convenient for all those passionate with the bitter yet aromatic drink.

Rang Dong’s coffee pot brings enjoyable moments to coffee lovers.

Good quality at a reasonable price

Rang Dong’s vacuum flask is a regular item that has been co-existing with Vietnamese families for more than 60 years, an assurance for its quality at a reasonable price. The Hanoi-based manufacturer provides the item not just for commercial purpose. We are confident we should be taking a good care of customers’ life. Apart from using the pot as a coffee maker, it is also good for hot chocolate, tea and herbal drinks, while being able to retain their flavors and aromas. 

Coffee on the way with a simple instructions

With instant coffee, just add the powder and pour hot water in. The perfect pot will become a barista, making us hot coffee. Let’s brew it for a few minutes and we’re going to have a fresh coffee throughout the day at any time we reach the pot. Using a manual coffee maker is environment friendly as we bid farewell to harmful material like paper filters or single-use plastic. The more we reduce waste material, the better we protect the planet.

How about a cold brew? There’s only one coffee pot to store our brew for days. Just add coarsely ground coffee beans into the strainer, fill with cold water and brew for 12-14 hours. Then remove the coffee grounds. The last step is to open the lid, pour the coffee out or add milk. What a delicious cold brew cup!

Another way to make cold brew is to put the coffee grinds directly into cold water, allowing it to steep, then pour out, filtering off the grounds. The pot can be washed in the sink or in the washing machine easily. It makes perfect for work or other events such as party or picnic. 

Rang Dong’s functional coffee pot

The pot’s slim body makes one-handed pouring simple. Keep hot all day long. Safe for children as the pot keeps them from getting burns, compared to other coffee machines or glass bottle makers.

Different coffee pots for different purposes

A traveler may want to look for small stuff to keep the bag light. A handheld pot is the best choice. A twist-off lid makes it our portable cup for travel.

Hand-held coffee pots produced by Rang Dong come in different colors.

For tea or coffee, we should look at a bigger pot with plastic or stainless steel body, suitable for living rooms, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants and offices. Capable of storing as much as 1.0 liter to 1.6 liters, such a pot will help us keep any amount of coffee all day.

Rang Dong has various types of coffee pots on offer.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

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