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Jebena – Coffee pot for Sudanese life

October 2nd, 2023

Sudanese coffee pot, Jebena, is very famous because of its special style and brewing and serving method. Sudanese and other people love the flavor of ground coffee, which is prepared in Jebena. The true smell, true taste and true color inspire their mind and soul in each sip of drink. Down to the article below to know more about this unique jebena.

What is Jebena?

Coffee is loved everywhere. In each country, the people have their own way to prepare and enjoy the drink. Sudanese usually use Jebena, a special kitchen stuff including one pot and six tiny cups for brewing and serving ground coffee.

Coffee beans are roasted in the pot over charcoal, then ground with cloves and other spices. After that, place the ground coffee and pour hot water in Jebena, then shake the pot, let it stand for a while. Finally, coffee is served in the tiny cups after straining it through a grass sieve.


Coffee drink in Sudanese lifestyle

What does Jebena look like?

Does Zebena look different from other coffee pots? Is it really as special as rumor? Of course, we can easily find it on the Internet. There are many pictures showing its unique shape and style. For people who have been to Sudan, they can see it in markets and kitchenware shops.

Jebena can be made of clay or ceramic, but the shape is similar. Sometimes the craftsman adds texture on the body of Jebena to make it more attractive and good-looking. Please take a look at the Sudanese coffee pot in the picture (below). Its special and unique style makes it different from other coffee pots in the rest of the world.


Jebena, the Sudanese coffee pot, has a unique style.

In this structure, the long and narrow neck, slim handle and pouring spout, the drink can be boiled rapidly, the heat kept for several hours, enough for a long discussion by a group. In this way, Sudanese often enjoy black coffee with true taste and smell. Sometimes they add milk and sugar into the tiny cups. People can gather around and share their daily life and business while  sipping coffee every morning.

The Sudanese coffee pot can also be used to prepare other hot drinks like tea (chai), also very famous in Sudanese cuisine for desert and after meals. People often try their favorite drink with small snacks such as popcorn, peanuts and the traditional himbasha.

The coffee pot is used to serve hot drinks with popcorn.

Jebena is one of the important cultural features preserved in the Middle East for ages. Up to now, given the fast life and modern technology, enjoying a drink and sharing it is really essential for our mind and emotional balance.

Do you find this interesting? Would you like to try coffee in Sudanese style? Let’s visit Sudan for a true experience.

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