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A great day starts with a great coffee from Moka pot

October 2nd, 2023

How to have a cup of coffee on the stove in the morning without wasting too much time? Moka pot is the right choice for our morning coffee preparation. Similar to several methods in Italy, the pot focuses on temperature and pressure, the decisive factors for a good cup of coffee. This article will give you some notes about using Moka pot to have a great cup of coffee.

Grinding & Fitting

A Moka pot helps make a great morning coffee.

First, we need a moderate amount of ground coffee. Since the pressure in the Moka pot is not high and cannot be changed, the larger size of the homeground powder, the faster the beverage will come out. On the contrary, well pureed coffee will block and slow the steam flow. Therefore, the beans only need to be ground into slightly larger than grains of salt. Please also check the pressure valve. Installing it carefully, but don't squeeze too tight.

Putting coffee powder into the pot.

Boil & Pour

Transition to step 2, put coffee powder into the funnel. Be sure to evenly distribute the amount of coffee in the hopper and do not compress too tightly, as the steam pressure will not be strong enough to get through the compressed layer.

Compress the coffee

Check the pressure valve in the water tank, tighten the body and the water tank with the coffee underneath, making sure the rubber gasket is neat and water doesn't leak out when heated. Finally, place the Moka pot on the infrared stove or gas stove to boil until the coffee is pushed through the upper-pressure valve and flows to the container.

Enjoy your coffee with a Moka pot

Matters needing attention

It may look simple as we use the Moka pot to make our coffee at home. However, to ensure the coffee is 80-90 percent as delicious as served from a cafe, the following points should be noted:

A great morning cup comes from a Moka pot.

Should we use hot or cold water? It depends, but the cold water is heated slowly, which allows the steam to gradually soak through the coffee layer, creating a fresher feeling. Hot water shortens the time the steam gets through the coffee layer,, but the flavor will not be as strong as cold water.

Hot or cold water?

How to have creamy on the surface like a cup outside a coffee shop? There are 3 notable points to having a creamy layer.

First: The upper-pressure valve should not be tightened too tight, nor should it be loose. Need to screw in a moderate level. This valve is the device that creates the creamy.

A great cup of coffee with a creamy layer

Second: Coffee beans are fresh within the first three weeks after being roasted. Please also remember to grind the beans not too fine, not too rough, and evenly spread in the funnel without pressing. This will help create a beautiful and smooth creamy layer.


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