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A cup of Vietnamese coffee, with its strong taste, makes strong impact

October 2nd, 2023

Coffee has long been one of the drinks most popular to the human kind. While coffee trees are grown and the beans processed in many parts of the world, Vietnamese coffee, roasted in Vietnam and brewed in a unique Vietnamese way, is strong and aromatic. The beans, mostly of robusta variety, make one of the world’s finest drinks.


In the 19th century, the French brought a variety of coffee called ‘robusta’ coffee to Vietnam. From the beginning, this drink was reserved only for high class people such as French royals, or people with high positions in big cities. Gradually, coffee has been made popular for all Vietnamese people.

Coffee beans and cherries in the background.

Two types of Vietnamese coffee

The term “Vietnamese coffee” in fact describes two types of Vietnamese coffee: a traditional Vietnamese roast and a style of brew. 

It is possible to brew the traditional Vietnamese-style dark roasts with a foreign device, such as a French press, while brewing Italian-style roasted beans using the ubiquitous Vietnamese ‘phin’ drip filter also makes a good drink. “Phin”, the Vietnamese word for “a filter”, is often made from aluminum.

Now, Vietnam has emerged not only as one of the world’s biggest coffee exporters, but it has also created a unique, signature coffee for Vietnamese people. The two most famous varieties in Vietnam are arabica and robusta coffee. Each of them has its own reputation both at home and abroad. The most famous coffee brands in the country are Trung Nguyen Coffee, Vinacafe and NesCafe.

How to make a cup of Vietnamese coffee?

In this article, let see how a cup of Vietnamese coffee could be made.

Several kinds of coffee.


  • Coffee powder: 25 gram
  • Boiled water: 80 ml
  • Phin drip filter, cup, milk, sugar or other flavors

There are seven steps to make a “Phin” Vietnamese coffee:

  • Step 1: Clean the tools: “Phin”, cup
  • Step 2: Take 25 gram coffee and put it into “Phin” then put them over a cup
  • Step 3: Slowly pour out 30 ml of boil water to all over the surface of coffee
  • Step 4:  After two to three minutes, when the coffee powder absorbs all the water, press the lid tightly above the coffee, keep it stable, then pour more boiled water, close the cap and wait;
  • Step 5: After about 1 minute, the coffee starts dripping down to the cup. We should wait until the coffee drips all the way down, then press the lid tightly to squeeze all the remaining water from the coffee
  • Step 6: We will get 40-45 ml of natural coffee, which is called “phin” coffee. Put more condensed milk, sugar, or ice of choice, stir it;
  • Step 7: Enjoy the cup of Vietnamese coffee.   

A cup of “phin” coffee, in which ‘phin’ stands for the filter.

Many people may not have enough time to enjoy their coffee so they need some ways to store the drink. One of the best ways to keep Vietnamese coffee is using a good coffee pot. The appliance is perfectly fit for a coffee lover.

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