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Quick tips: clean the Moka pot to get the best coffee flavor

October 2nd, 2023

In order to have a good cup of coffee, it is necessary to have good ingredients and good tools, so it is impossible to ignore the steps of preservation and instructions for use. Moka Pot, an icon of the Italian coffee industry, came from an ordinary coffee maker. Let's check out steps on how to clean the Moka pot.

Before using the Moka pot

In order to clean the Moka pot, it is highly recommended to do it by hand or use a soft cloth, while hard objects or chemicals should not be applied. After cleaning, dry and rinse the pot with a little hot water before use.

Coffee cups are also required to be washed and dried. Please don't forget to warm the cup up before pouring coffee into it.

Using the Moka pot

Pour filtered water (warm water is recommended) into the lower body of the pot so that it is not higher than the valve (or measure using the line of the upper body and then pour it down to the lower body).

Use medium-fine ground coffee powder. Do not press hard, just tap lightly to flatten the powder while cleaning any powder left around the edge of the funnel.

Use the stove suitable for the pot. If it is a gas stove, keep the fire not too large, while heating by an electric stove should be set to low. If an induction cooker is used, an additional heat transfer plate is needed.

Do not cook for too long on the stove, when the coffee has been extracted to the upper body, immediately remove the pot from the stove. If it's a Brikka pot, then you hear the water boil loudly, then turn off the heat and immediately pour it into a cup to create a smooth crema layer (if you leave it on high heat or keep it warm for a long time on the stove, the cream foam will be rough).

After using the Moka pot

After the pot has cooled down, it should be cleaned immediately with water or a soft cloth. Dry and let dry before reinstalling the pot.

Change the rubber ring or coffee hopper every 6 months or when stains caused by oxidation are detected.


  • Do not use dishwashing liquid or detergent to clean the pot;
  • Do not use hard objects such as aluminum scrubbers to clean warm;
  • Do not use the dishwasher to clean the Moka pot;
  • Leaving coffee grounds in the pot for a long time will trigger mold and oxidation, thus damaging the pot and making it harmful to user's health.

Some common mistakes and how to fix them

  • Error when the pot is leaking water

It is caused by improperly tightening the pot or installing the filter in the wrong direction, compressing the coffee too tightly or the coffee size is not satisfactory (too fine).

  • Bialetti coffee pot is oxidized

The main structural material of the Bialetti coffee maker is a high-grade aluminum alloy (certified safe for health). The property of aluminum is good heat transfer, so the coffee brewed will have good quality. However, besides that feature, aluminum is a very sensitive material, easily oxidized by salt and detergents.

Users should not use soap or other detergents to clean the pot to limit this problem. It is best to wash it immediately after using it. In case the pot has been stained for a long time, using baking soda powder mixed with warm water. Warm washing for 15-20 minutes will overcome the above phenomenon.

If the bottom of the pot turns black, the stain is the aluminum oxide layer (oxidized aluminum), which is also the protective layer of the aluminum inside, so it should not be removed. Bleaching can help lose this layer of aluminum oxide, but a new layer will form while the pot's bottom becomes thinner.

Use and prepare properly to always sublimate coffee flavor

It is needed to properly store and keep the Moka pot clean. It should be warmed up before coffee extraction while cleaning right after use is necessary.

Pure coffee, roasted with no seasoning and it is best to use coffee beans between 3-30 days after roasting to achieve the best quality coffee flavor.

The coffee cup should be cleaned and warmed up before pouring coffee in so that the coffee won't suffer from thermal shock while retaining more delicious flavor.

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