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Rang Dong traditional thermos flask retains heat for six decades

October 2nd, 2023

Rang Dong thermos has gained its reputation in northern Vietnam decades ago, right from the 1960s when it was first produced because there was no electric or gas stove at the time, not to mention super-speed kettles, while it was cold for three to four months during winter. It may not be an exaggeration when we say the traditional thermos flask was the most essential consumer product at that time. Today Rang Dong's reputation stands firm at home and the company has also been expanding its penetration in overseas markets.

Rang Dong then

In the old days in Hanoi, any family that wanted boiling water would either burn wood, coal or kerosene to heat up the water. They could also take a traditional thermos to a service point in their neighborhood where boiling water was for sale.

"In the subsidized urban areas, service groups selling boiling water appeared, everyone buying there was faster than using kerosene or coal stove, while the price was cheap," said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tien, author of several books about the capital city such as "Walking along Hanoi" and "Going across Hanoi".

During the period of subsidized economy, known briefly as "the subsidy period", tea drinkers used thermos to keep boiling water. Given its wide application amid limited supply, thermos had become a precious item at home. It was made into a wedding gift, or an essential item at home before a child was born even though the price of a traditional thermos flask wasn't cheap.

Samples of traditional thermos flasks, which were popular in the 'subsidy period'.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tien said: "Although thermos was expensive, many families still had to buy it. Not only for men to drink tea, but also for children. Without a traditional thermos flask it was extremely difficult to raise children, so at weddings people often brought thermos as a gift".

Rang Dong, which was established in 1961, was tasked to start thermos production to meet rising domestic demand. The company, which has now become Vietnam's leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, began serious investment in the product, making it a favorite item in Vietnam's northern region at the time as it fully met people's demand. At the first stage, production of the traditional thermos flask was fully manual, thus labor-intensive.

Rang Dong workers make glass refills for thermos at a refill shaping workshop.

...and now

Today, Rang Dong's thermos is manufactured on a highly modern and complete production line. The company makes the glass for refills,  all other parts and assembles them to turn out the final product. The company's thermos production capacity has now risen to more than 23 million pieces annually, from 300,000 at the initial stage.

The thermos glass is melted in an electric glass furnace, with fully automatic control. The glass has high quality and uniformity. In particular, the furnace is environmentally friendly as it has no chimney and does not emit CO2 or SO2. Rang Dong's products meet European RoHs standards.

Rang Dong workers check thermos glass refills at a production line.

While bringing improvements to the inner part of the traditional thermos flask, Rang Dong has also donned its thermos with colorful 'clothes' to meet users' diverse needs.

Rang Dong's modern thermos flasks on display.

Having gone through ups and downs in its six-decade history, Rang Dong is honored to be among the few Vietnamese brands with a long traditional that still stand and thrive today. Rang Dong's thermos products not only beat imported goods in the domestic market, but are also exported to 27 countries (Brazil, China, Yemen, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc) destinations around the world, contributing to raising the company's thermos revenue over the years, from USD 8,565,000 (2018) to USD 11,800,000 (2020).

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