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Rang Dong upgrades 1-liter premium thermos with smart LED lid

October 2nd, 2023

While a thermos produced by Vietnam's Rang Dong has been associated with generations of Vietnamese people for decades, the company's latest 1-liter premium thermos, equipped with a digital LED temperature display, Model RD-1045N3.E, shall be the first choice for everyone to enjoy a hot or cold drink.


The premium thermos is designed by Rang Dong, Vietnam's leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, to store 1 liter of liquid, suitable for daily use. Its handle and the body look strong yet elegant because Rang Dong uses polishing ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) to make their nice impact resistant material. The application helps the thermos avoid fingerprints and dust.

Sample of Rang Dong's 1-liter premium thermos with smart LED temperature display.

Model RD-1045N3.E has a high-grade glass inner with silver plating and vacuum technology, forming 5 layers of insulation. Therefore, the thermos is able to keep the temperature of the stored liquid for extended hours.

The cap has an intelligent real-time water temperature display, which tells users the exact temperature of the liquid stored inside, thus helping provide users with the best drinking experience, while avoiding burns.

The lid displays the water temperature.

This product is also designed to be user-friendly for everyone, especially for families with young children because the silicone gasket ensures safe sealing and leak-free performance.

Moreover, equipped with a push lever, the thermos allows users to push and pour water out, instead of having to open the thermos.

Main features

This 1-liter premium thermos, equipped with a smart LED temperature display on its lid, assists users in controlling the temperature of the liquid. Capable of keeping hot for 12 hours, and cold for 24 hours, Model RD-1045N3.E is useful for keeping hot water for making delicious and nutritious drinks and food, such as milk, coffee and cereals or several types of tea, including herbal tea and green tea.

The 1-liter premium thermos can keep hot and cold liquid for extended hours.

Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, the model can be easily disassembled, making it easy for users to clean and replace. When cleaning the thermos, note that there is no hot water inside.

The product is certified in accordance with the Technical Standards of Hygiene and Safety. It can be used anywhere from home to office, hospitals and schools. 

Rang Dong also provides the customized logo printing service on the thermos body, so that the product can be used also as a gift for various occasions.

The modern, compact design of Rang Dong's 1-liter premium thermos gives it a wide application.

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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