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Regular trainees benefit more from a water bottle for workouts

October 2nd, 2023

Sport training nowadays is often accompanied by many accessories which either offer good protection of our body parts, help us stay focused to reach our task or provide extra energy, including the most essential element to avoid dehydration. A water bottle for workouts is an easy item, since we can find it everywhere, but regular trainees and professionals tend to have something of their own that provides good quality and convenience. The finest bottles should be long-lasting, have a solid grip, and are easy to drink, with the last factor being crucial given the intensity of exercises. An ideal water bottle for workouts depends on the type of exercise. For a treadmill run, we would need something easy to grab and to hold while we're still moving. Similarly, during an intense workout we only have a few seconds between moves. Therefore we would definitely need a bottle that enables an easy flow.

How to select the best water bottle for workouts

Water bottles for workouts should be a little more durable because they are more likely to be thrown around or knocked over in the gym. It is also advantageous to have a larger bottle. For a gym session of around 30 minutes, trainees will need to take at least 500 ml of water.

As we are set to buy a water bottle for workouts, there are several factors to consider, with the size being one of the most important.

If we tend to work out for a good amount of time, a bottle capable of holding 750 ml or more would be perfect. Meanwhile a 500-ml bottle should suffice if the trainee only needs a sip or two during a weights session.

Finding the perfect water bottle comes down to personal preferences. 

A bottle with a cooling tech to help keep water cold? Does it need to be ergonomically designed for a better grip during your training sessions? Or are we simply looking for something stylish to feature in our gym selfies? 

Whatever the reasons, there is something for everyone, regardless of our needs and budget. 

To have or not to have?

Should we take water bottles to the gym when we could easily buy a bottle at the venue or a grocery store? Besides, most gyms and fitness centers have free water dispensers.

However, bottled water can be costly, which can be saved by refilling at home or at the gym. Furthermore, reusable bottles are better for the environment while single-use plastic bottles have been among the items that pose the most serious threat to nature.

Please also consider the fact that most water dispensers come with inconvenient paper or thin plastic cups without lids. As a result, our option is either to take a longer break, or quickly down the drink before returning to our workout session.

Overall, it is highly recommended to have a specialized water bottle for workouts, an item manufacturers have spent much time and resources for design, selecting material and the latest technology in order to help us stay well hydrated.

Using such a water bottle is also our nice gesture to the environment.

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