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Tips for choosing perfect handheld water bottle for summer travels

A handheld water bottle is an essential item for us when we engage in any outdoor activity, especially in summer. There are many drinkwares that come in various volumes and styles. While a particular bottle is up to the user’s taste, we at Rang Dong, Vietnam’s leading producer of flasks, would like to make suggestions on how to choose a suitable drinkware.

Each person needs at least one handheld water bottle

Summer vacation is an interesting time for all of us to gather and travel far away. In order to have a perfect trip, we must prepare essential stuff like clothes, tents, food, and vehicles. Among them, a handheld water bottle must be an indispensable thing that we always bring along.

There's a way to make our summer vacation an exciting event.

Manufacturers have created many types of handheld water bottles for individuals, ranging from glass bottles to vacuum flasks to stainless steel flasks. While they come in various sizes to serve consumers’ diverse needs, each bottle is designed to hold a drink sufficient for a person for most or a large part of the day.

Each person may have his own taste in choosing his handheld water bottle. We would just like to make some suggestions on how to choose the right bottle.

Tip 1: Material to make the bottle which contacts directly with drink

The material used to make the bottle is important since it comes in direct contact with the drink. Given the safe food-contact feature, as no chemical reaction takes place between neutral glass and food ingredients, neutral glass is the best choice. The material has been proved to be the ideal container for every kind of food since no toxic chemicals are released throughout the containing period.

Please don’t forget the handheld water bottle as we hit the road

Stainless steel is another material often used by many manufacturers to produce drinkwares. There are strict food-contact regulations on stainless steel food containers, including stainless steel bottles, in order to prevent toxic substances from coming into contact with food. Therefore the surface treatment should be done well before making stainless steel bottles.

Tip 2: Volume of the handheld water bottle

For daily use, we should choose a bottle capable of holding 0.5 liter to one liter of drink. The volume should be enough to meet individual water needs. On the other hand, such bottles are suitable for hand-holding.

Rang Dong produces one of the best glass bottles for individual use

Tip 3: Check the label of standard

The label often stuck right on the body of the bottle, should show the product passes food safety regulations.This is an important criterion to choose the good quality drinkware. We should buy handheld water bottles with LFGB label or BS EN label, the world’s most prestigious standards of food safety issued by Germany and Great Britain. Now, most nations accept the standards, making them their national rules of drinkware.

Tip 4: Look for famous brands

A famous brand name is one of the reasons to purchase a handheld water bottle. Famous brands include Thermos, EMSA, Tiger and Rang Dong, of which the last one is Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products. They all share a long history of drinkware production. Their water bottles are ranked the best kitchen stuff for years. We can find their products in convenience stores or markets around the world.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas of flasks, or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn

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