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Travel companion: vacuum flask with a cup

October 2nd, 2023

Regardless of what to bring along, hot tea, coffee or fresh juice, a vacuum flask always makes a good companion any time of the year. For user’s more convenience, a vacuum flask with a cup has now been available to store hot or cold drink.

Delicious all day thanks to vacuum flask with cup

Vacuum flasks have now been a familiar accessory to our daily life and travels. Without them, our kitchen, bags and backpacks would not be completed. Be it the classic glass refill style or the colorful premium plastic version, the vacuum flask is always next to us when we need it for excursions or long working days.

Details of Rang Dong’s vacuum flasks with a cup.

How to pick the right vacuum flask?

When buying a vacuum flask, we should not choose the cheapest available. After all, we all want to enjoy our hot or cold drink without having to worry whether the flask is really airtight. Inexpensive products are often faulty in their thermal insulation, and some are even contaminated with toxic substances such as heavy metals. So buying a vacuum flask is one of the good times to counter those money-shortage trends. If we invest a little more, not only will our hot or cold drink last longer, but the thermos will also be useful for a longer term. A vacuum flask with a cup is one of the most suitable types for those who love traveling or hiking. We can enjoy our drink with no problems.

Rang Dong has a variety of colors for handheld vacuum flasks.

Twist-Lock or Snap-Lock vacuum flasks?

A vacuum flask is available with a classic twist off, a push button or with a variety of quick open and close functions. Many of the locks open quickly and close automatically when the cup is screwed in, and Rang Dong’s design follows similarly.

Samples of twist-lock vacuum flasks.

This system guarantees to make the jar 100% leak-free and extremely easy to handle. When the lid is closed, not a single drop of water will spill, and all we need to do to open or close the jar is by simply pushing the lever up or down.

All flasks are based on the same principle of operation, but there is still a clear difference in their quality. According to German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest, six seconds after boiling, water poured into preheated flasks, the temperature drops to 88 degrees Celsius in the best flasks or below 74 degrees in less insulated flasks. The standard requires the temperature at 78 degrees. 

Vacuum flasks from Rang Dong, Vietnam’s leading manufacturer of the product, have performed impressively in the Materials, Handling and Hazardous Substances categories and exhibit the best price-performance ratio. Furthermore, it also stands out in terms of its thermal insulation, which is significantly higher than the standard, as it guarantees to keep drinks and other liquids cold for at least 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. At the same time, the vacuum flask with cup is always comfortable to hold because its cover only warms up slightly. In addition, the vacuum flask is extremely sturdy, making us feel secure when we bring our favorite drink along.

Should you have any questions, wish to share your ideas about vacuum flasks or request a quotation, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Our website: vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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