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Thermos mug – an ideal accessory for travellers

October 2nd, 2023

Thermos mug, used to hold water in office, school, for camping and travels, has now become an essential item in personal belongings. Given the demand, manufacturers have marketed a variety of hand-held thermoses, including flask mugs, for worldwide distribution. In this article, we will discover a little bit more of flask mugs.

Types of thermos mug

There are thousands of shapes, styles and colors for hand-held thermos mug from many manufacturers. THERMOS, ZOJIRUSHI, HYDRO FLASK and RANG DONG are more well-known thermos brands often seen in various markets. Each brand owns dozens of flasks with diverse appearance. Types and size of the item can be easily found on their manufacturers’ homepage.

The picture below shows many attractive styles that can crush customers at the first sight

Several types of thermos mugs are on display.

Function and application of thermos mug

The dominant function of a hydro mug, a travel accessory, is to keep heat. A good thermos can maintain the high temperature of a drink for six to eight hours while keeping cold beverages for 24 hours. Furthermore, the flavor of the drink will not change during the storage time.

The size should be proper for hand-holding, and the structure should be convenient for use and attach to the backpack. Another function vital in choosing a good thermos is durability or the strength against impact and violence. Related to this, a stainless steel flask has an advantage over a glass refill one

Thermos is useful for travellers.

Best thermos mug brands

THERMOS, ZOJIRUSHI, HYDRO FLASK and RANG DONG are reliable and reputable brands for thermos mug. They have been well-known for decades, having won customer trust everywhere. Their flasks surely have satisfied the regulations and standards of food-contact material and food hygiene. That means the flask does not emit any toxic chemical or contain any toxic substance which is harmful to human health.

Zorirushi thermos mug

They all meet the regulations and standards known as LFGB and BS EN 12546-1:2000, the world’s strictest requirements of food contact materials. Given the standards’ prestige, customers and vendors approve the products with LFGB and BS EN printed on labels.

Apart from safety, thermoses carrying these brands convince end-users by convenience, style and color. Manufacturers also provide warranty and customer care for the best service, especially their after-sale service

How to find a favorite thermos mug?

The world is flat, thanks to Internet coverage. A search on e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, or Lazada can bring up many suggestions for a favorite thermos. Just with several clicks, we can get the one we like. Please remember to choose the retailers who sell genuine products so as to avoid buying low-quality items.


Amazon is a place to choose and order thermoses.

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