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Unexpected benefits of using travel mug over single-use cup

While en route to work or to pick up kids from school, grabbing a cup of our favorite beverage makes the trip much more joyful. However, as billions of throwaway cups end up in landfills every year, it's time to raise consumers’ awareness to make our takeaway coffee eco-friendlier. Let’s check out the top four reasons to support the use of a travel mug instead of a single-use cup.

Waste reduction

Styrofoam, a form of plastic that never completely degrades, is used in many disposable cups. This material does not biodegrade but instead breaks down into smaller particles, polluting the earth with hazardous compounds and harming aquatic life for thousands of years.

Single-use paper cups also pollute the environment. Those single-use cups have a thin plastic covering, which keeps them from disintegrating and spilling coffee all over our place. However, most recycling facilities are not designed to handle this sort of recycling since it is hard to separate plastic from the paper part.

The pile of single-use cups will enlarge and pose threats to our earth unless we step up now in reducing its usage.

It really raises the conundrum for our waste management system on how to recycling a thing the production and usage rate of which outpaces its breakdown rate. With an estimate of 600 billion units being thrown away each year, disposable cups are clogging landfills, trashing landscapes, or floating in the ocean.

If we utilize a portable travel mug in our everyday life, we will avoid harming the environment with hundreds of single-use coffee cups.

Benefit for human health.

Disposable cups’ material can leak dangerous chemicals, such as BPA, into our morning drink. An industrial chemical, BPA could affect the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants as well as children’s behavior. They also provide an unpleasant plastic flavour to our coffee. 

Meanwhile, stainless steel does not absorb odors or release harmful substances. We’ll never need to sip plastic-flavoured coffee again if we own a stainless steel travel mug.

Long-term convenience.

A disposable cup cannot stay with us for a long-distance trip, but a travel mug surely does. No matter how bumpy the roads we travel, or jumbled our backpack or purse, travel mug’s design with leak-proof lid and safety lock guarantee our drink gets spill-free. We can comfortably throw it into a bag or tuck it into a backpack pocket without fear of it leaking, breaking, or being crushed.

Thanks to travel mug’s locking mechanism, we could just use one hand to operate, while a lid cover won’t block our sight when drinking is on the go. Just make sure to measure the size of the cup holder in the car before choosing our favorite travel mug to carry our beverage while driving!

Travel mug placed in a cup holder.

Money saving

Last but not least, a reusable travel mug will not only help the environment and our  health but will also save money.   The good news for Starbucks lovers in the United Sates is that as of June 22, 2021, the coffee chain will relaunch its personal reusable cups programs. A $0.10 discount will be offered on each order as an attempt to encourage customers to choose the reusable way.

Moreover, instead of a takeaway beverage, with a travel mug, we can make our own coffee cup home or have it within reach at work.

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