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Saudi Arabia celebrates 2022 as the ‘Year of Saudi Coffee’

October 2nd, 2023

Coffee has long been present in Saudi Arabia, having risen beyond its nature of an agricultural product to become deeply attached to the rich culture and traditions of the Kingdom. The lightly roasted Arabica variety, known as Khawlani beans, has made its way into the Saudi values of hospitality, music, and literature. Therefore,“2022 - Year of Saudi coffee” is totally a perfect initiative to celebrate this subculture.

The initiative

The initiative to declare 2022 as the Year of Saudi Coffee is a part of Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision in order to enhance the coffee position in Saudi Arabia locally and internationally, as an authentic heritage and symbol of the Kingdom's culture. 

Saudi Arabia plans many activities and events this year as it marks the Year of Saudi Coffee.

The initiative, led by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Culinary Arts Authority, intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Celebrating Saudi coffee as a distinctively cultural product of Saudi Arabia.
  • Demonstrating the great cultural diversity in the Kingdom, which is represented in the ways of preparing and serving Saudi coffee in different regions.
  • Emphasizing the connection between coffee, its culture and the Saudi identity, based on the specificity of the Saudi society’s dealing with it and its distinctive atmosphere, cultivation, preparation, and presentation.
  • Highlighting the Saudi Khawlani coffee from Saudi Arabia as an authentic product.
  • Highlighting the aspects of generosity and authentic Saudi hospitality associated with Saudi coffee and its unique customs.
  • Emphasizing the tools, ingredients, and methods of preparing and serving Saudi coffee.


To promote Saudi coffee locally and globally as a symbol of Saudi culture and authentic legacy.

Key activities

As part of the initiative program, many organizations have launched a number of events, while many others are scheduled throughout the year, including:

Releasing the visual identity

The visual identity was launched within the initiative’s activities, and the most important elements include:

  • Identity logo: The logo was inspired by the “Finjal”, or the small coffee cup used for drinking coffee in the Middle East, which is also considered a symbol for Saudi generosity and hospitality.

Official logo of “Year of Saudi Coffee” Initiative.

  • The introductory guideline for the Coffee Year identity includes the color options for the logo, the artistic visualizations, the identity templates, and how different parties can share the logo.

Seventh International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition at Expo Dubai 

At the beginning of the coffee year, 300 companies from 30 countries joined the "Seventh International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition" to display coffee products at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

A scene at the Seventh International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition held at Expo Dubai.

Experts and researchers here emphasized that drinking coffee in Saudi Arabia is a historical and cultural heritage since ancient times. It also indicates noble values ​characterizing the Saudi people, such as generosity and hospitality, as coffee has ever been an essential part of any meeting or gathering of Saudi society.

Drinking coffee is a common social habit and an integral part of Saudi culture.

The celebration of Saudi coffee is part of the Ministry of Culture's efforts to highlight the Saudi cultural elements, present it as a distinctive cultural product for the Kingdom and market it worldwide. This celebration is based on the specificity of Saudi coffee in all stages of production, cultivation, preparation, and presentation.

Although the Jazan region is known across Saudi Arabia for its prized Khawlani coffee, 13 regions in the Kingdom prepare coffee with different colors and tastes and present to guests in various ways. That has given Saudi coffee its privacy and unique cultural depth.

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