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Seven-color tea, a Bangladeshi drink with amazing look

October 2nd, 2023

Many people think that the seven-color tea is only found in upper restaurants. However, making such a beautiful and attractive cup of seven colors is easy and can surprise family members and guests. The special recipes are unknown to many people, so let's learn one of them.

Seven-color tea, also known as seven-layer tea, (Bengali: সাত রং চা) is a famous drink not only in Srimongol of Bangladeshi district of Moulvibazar, but also in the world. It is invented by Romesh Ram Gour, a well-known bartender in Bangladesh. He actually found the way to make the seven-color tea when he discovered the density of leaves was different from each one. Each layer of the cup has one color, and the taste ranges from sweet to spicy. When we sip through all the layers, it is a journey for the taste, from a syrupy sweet to a spicy clove and more than that, we can feel much better after drinking it all. Different people have different feelings. No one knows exactly how to make the seven-color tea, but there are three types of must-have ingredients, which are the tea leaves grown in Sreemongol, green tea, and condensed milk. The drink can be found at a tea shop in Srimongol named “Nilkantha Tea Cabin”.




  • Tea leaves
  • Sugar
  • Condensed milk

A glass of seven-color tea


  • Step 1: Take 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of water
  • Step 2: Mix the water and sugar with tea leaves and stir them normally
  • Step 3: Mix 1 tablespoon of tea and 1 tablespoon of mixture from Step 1
  • Step 4: Take a few tablespoons of condensed milk with 1 tablespoons of tea.
  • Step 5: After 20 seconds, put the mixture from Step 1 in a clear transparent cup, then put the mixture (from Step 3) into it
  • Step 6: After 30 seconds, put the condensed milk mixture (from Step 4) in
  • Step 7: After 1 minute, the rest of the tea has to be put inside by the edge of the cup.

Now you can easily see the seven layers of a delicious tea.

The seven-color tea is ready for tasting.

The seven steps above are just how a common seven-color tea is made. It is not exactly how Bangladeshi people would make it but in general, we can make a cup as in the photo. The best thing when making it is that we can share these beautiful colors and layers with our family, friends or post on our social media network.

Do not wait. Just make one for your own. It should be a very exciting experience in our beautiful life.

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