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Six reasons to bring 2-litre flask bottle along

Regardless of the reasons for going out, be it a vacation, a summer picnic, working out at the gym or just going about our daily routine, bringing a 2-litre flask bottle along has many advantages as we protect ourselves as well as the surrounding environment.

Cutting down on plastic waste

Every year, billions of single-use plastic bottles are produced, while only a small percentage of them goes recycling.. Even plastic waste that is recycled can only be reused for a certain number of times as the fibres degrade. As a result, the vast majority of the world's plastic waste ends up in landfills or the oceans, where it leaches chemicals, pollutes soil, and harms wildlife.

Protecting ourselves against toxic chemicals

It is common knowledge that plastic contains chemicals. Although new plastic bottles are generally safe to use, they leach toxins when they become old, damaged, or exposed to high temperatures. As a result, customers should never reuse a single-use water bottle. The extent to which plastic bottles cause health problems is still being debated. However, chemicals such as BPA have already been linked to infertility, hormone imbalance, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Although most people are aware that BPA should be avoided, many are unaware that several popular bottled water brands still contain significant amounts of microplastic.

Improving user's overall health

Aside from helping us avoid toxic chemicals, carrying a water bottle around also serves as a reminder to drink water. With the 2-litre flask bottle within reach, we will drink without the hassle of finding a shop or a vending machine and paying each time we feel thirsty. People who carry the 2-litre flask bottle are more likely to stay hydrated, which can boost our cognitive and physical health by improving focus and digestion, reducing headaches, cleaning our skin, and hastening muscle recovery, among other benefits.

Keeping track of our water consumption

A 2-litre flask bottle not only encourages us to drink more water, but it also helps us keep track of how much we drink each day. Experts generally recommend eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day, or about 2 litres. A 2-litre flask bottle will certainly keep us hydrated all day.

Similarly, the proper-sized reusable water bottle can prevent over-or under-hydration during or after exercise. When drinking from a bottle rather than a cup or glass, it is much easier to keep track of daily water intake.

Saving money

It is also worth noting that 2-litre flask bottles are less expensive in the long run. One bottle can last a lifetime if properly cared for. In comparison, if we buy bottled water every day, we are probably already spending enough money to purchase a flask bottle within a month. Even if we reuse disposable bottles, purchasing a high-quality water bottle will save us money.

More appealing than a plastic bottle

Style isn't important to everyone; for others, it's everything. Furthermore, a flask bottle with unique prints, a wide range of colors, matt or metallic finishes is far more appealing than a clear plastic bottle with a flimsy label. Several flask bottles even come with name engraving, allowing users to personalize their own bottles.

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