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Steps to make warm soup last longer in thermos

Thermos for soup is a great solution to give busy people a well-prepared hot meal. In order to avoid disappointments when opening the thermos lid just to find a cold soup, we have simple yet effective instructions on how to prepare the container to keep the soup warm longer. Let’s get started.

For a hot lunch

Step 1: Make sure the thermos is clean.

The thermos for soup has a wide mouth that allows us to eat directly from it, hence, it is also easier to clean up. Remember to clean the flask properly to avoid deterioration, which can affect the quality of the next meal. 

In order to avoid damages to the stainless steel, it is suggested to scrub it by hand using the soft part of the sponge. It is also advisable to use a soft soap and refrain from using any product with chlorine, whitener, or solvents. To avoid the development of odor, it is highly recommended to leave it uncapped before filling it with our favorite soup

A thermos designed specifically for soups is meant to provide a hot meal.

Step 2: Heat your thermos.

Thermos needs to be HOT! Yes, this is the secret that will help keep the soup warm longer. Remember that sad cold lunch mentioned earlier? Well, it’s likely that the thermos and the soup weren’t properly heated before being packed. This simple step is often skipped, but it’s easy to do and worth it, especially on winter days.

- Fill the thermos with about two-thirds of the boiled water. Put the lid on. Let it sit for about five minutes then pour out the water.

- Once the thermos is warm, quickly add hot food or drinks, and put the lid on tightly. 

Proper food heating before putting it in a container is essential in ensuring it will stay warm by lunchtime. It is recommended that hot foods should be heated to between 74°C (165°F) and 100°C (212F) before being packed to eliminate the growth of bacteria

Step 3: Enjoy your meal!

How about cold soup?

Yogurt parfait stored in a thermos

When it involves packing cold food, such as soup, milk, smoothies or a yogurt parfait, as long as the food does not sit at a temperature above 40F (4°C), then we are good to go. 

Before packing a cold soup, we need to chill the thermos by placing it in the freezer overnight, or by pouring cold water and ice for about five minutes. 

Once the food is packed and sealed, place it in the lunch bag along with a freezer pack to keep the heat away for a longer period.

Give this quick, yet powerful method a try before considering changing the favorite thermos for soup. Make sure to keep the thermos clean, and ready for the next meal. For ideas to fill the thermos containers, check out our meal plans with a variety of choices.

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