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Strong points to make steel thermos a favorite flask for many

Among many kinds of flask, steel thermos is often the priority, thanks to the features brought by their material of stainless steel. It’s hard to be broken, deformed or damaged. They are marketed in many shapes with various patterns and colors. They can be used for most food containing purposes, including keeping beverages. Let’s go down the article to understand more why steel thermos are favorite type of flask. 


Let’s take a look at three types of popular flasks made from different materials, namely a vacuum flask, a plastic (PP or ABS) bottle and a stainless steel thermos. 

Travel Mug Sipper Lid Double Walled Thermos Flask Silicon Grip Stainless  Steel Leak Proof Travel at Rs 439/piece in Surat 

Stainless steel travel mugs can go with us anywhere 

Glass bottles are fragile and can be damaged under slight impact. 

Plastic bottles normally can’t stand high temperatures. We often see warnings by manufacturers on plastic bottles, asking users to avoid pouring hot water of more than 90 degree Celsius. 

Stainless steel thermos can overcome these conveniences. They give users peace because they don’t have to worry about any breaking or deforming. We can easily bring along a steel thermos as we travel, go camping or cycling, etc. 


With modern technology in stainless steel surface treatment, the stainless steel food containers now are totally safe for human health. There is no toxic chemical released, no chemical reactions between foods, drinks and stainless steel material. The last feature is also shared by high-quality glass bottles. 

Stainless steel sheets are easily cut, bent and punched, so makers can create so many shapes for steel bottles. Furthermore, we can colour this material as desired. The picture below shows what polish and modern metallic-colors stainless steel bottles could carry. 

Stainless Steel Thermos Vacuum Flask Insulated Thermos Candy Color Water  Bottle Sport Travel Outdoor Thermos Creative Pattern - Water Bottles -  AliExpress 

Colourful bottles make one of their strong features. 

In addition, using stainless steel thermos flasks can effectively reduce the environmental pollution caused by the waste of disposable plastic containers and paper cups. Environmentalists have estimated that 500 billion plastic disposable cups are used every year around the world and thrown away almost immediately after usage. If we use only durable water bottles like stainless steel thermos, we can not only cut the cost, but also save our green living space. 

A steel food container can last 5-10 years. Meanwhile, plastic ones are much shorter, only 1-2 years, while paper cups normally are recommended to use once. The convenience of plastic and paper cups now has been proven to be wasteful and to be one of main reasons causing our Earth contamination. 

Disinfect your stainless steel water bottle regularly to keep it clean by using a dishwasher. Unlike plastic water bottles which can melt or lose their shape in the dishwasher, stainless steel water bottles are completely dishwasher safe. Germs that accumulate after use are removed by washing regularly. 


There are so many steel water bottles advertised and sold in the market with many levels of quality. So how to choose the good items? Here are several critical points of a good steel thermos. 

  • Famous and prestige brand 
  • Explicit origin noticed on label 
  • Made of SUS 304 stainless steel material 
  • Double wall structure for keeping heat well 
  • Good function like keeping hot for 10 hours, and cold for 24 hours 
  • Strong, hard, closed structure 
  • Users may want to try several types of water flask to know their advantages and disadvantages before picking the most suitable one. 

The photo below suggests several brands of steel thermos for user’s selection. 



Thermos, Hydro Flask, Yeti, Stanley, Owala, Swell, Larq are all well-known for high-quality stainless steel bottles. They are reviewed and regarded as the top 10 best water bottle in the USA in 2022. 

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn. 

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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