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The criteria for the best thermos

April 6th, 2024

Many people may not know how to choose the best thermos. So what are the criteria to select the high-quality flask? This article would like to give several points that help you to purchase a good water bottle, therefore, protect your health. We list hereafter 3 criteria: produced by prestige manufacturers, premium performance and  passed the high standards. 

Produced by prestige manufacturers 

Thermos, Tiger, Panasonic, Emsa, and Rang Dong are the famous and prestigious manufacturers of flasks and water bottles. Their products have been sold all over the world and received many high reviews from customers. We can easily find their water bottle in any market both online and offline in every corner of the world. If you are wondering to choose the best thermos, please consider one of them. 


The popular thermos for personal use 

These manufacturers produce thermos on the standard production lines and strictly control all stages during the production process. Moreover, they provide a long warranty period and high quality customer care. The durability over time and the resistance against violence of their thermos are from quite good to excellent. If you once tried one of these products, you must have been satisfied with the quality. 


Panasonic airpot normally comes in 3 or 4 litres, suitable for household or office 

Depending on our purpose, we can choose Thermos for individual travel bottle, Tiger and Panasonic for airpot, Emsa for coffee pot and Rang Dong for tea pot. Person travel flasks should be 1 litre or less than, and should be made of stainless steel or plastic for most convenience during moving. The others including airpot, coffee pot and tea pot, stainless steel or glass are both recommended to keep heat for so long. 

Premium performance 

Performance of a thermos is evaluated in 3 points. One is the heat retention capability, two is the safe material for human health and three is the impact resistance. 

Firstly, let’s consider the heat retention capability of a flask. So how much temperature reduces in how long is to make the best thermos? Currently, the best heat retention for a flask should be reduced 4oC after 6 hours, and decline 6oC after 12 hours with regards to the hot drink. For the cold drink, the best thermos should keep cold for 24 hours. 

Secondly, neutral glass is the safest material to make the food containers. Then the high-quality with excellent-surface-treatment stainless steel and premium plastic without BPA are the next safe material for food contacting. So please remember this point to select a good thermos. These good materials ensure no toxic chemical release during contact between food and bottle, therefore, thermos can keep food flavour unchanged and help save human health. 


EMSA vacuum flask has glass refill and are beloved by customers 

And eventually, the best thermos should be durable against the violence. For glass flask, it may not have satisfied this criterion, however, neutral glass is safest material for food contact and glass thermos would be great without bringing with or moving.  Meanwhile the plastic and stainless steel materials show their durability versus impact, they might be bent a little, are not broken totally or partly. 

Passed the high standards 

Any goods circulating in the market are constrained by national or regional standards. These standards are intended to protect customers and users, for example no electric-shock, anti-flame, no toxic chemical, no burn, etc. depending on the type of commodity. In the case of water bottles, the best thermos must pass the high standards like LFGB and BS EN 12546-1:2000. These standards are considered as the highest and strictest criteria for food containers. 


It is easy to find out the LFGB logo with wine glass and fork symbol on the best thermos 

Although LFGB is valid in Germany and BS EN is issued in the UK, their criteria cover every necessary requirement for the best thermos. Therefore, many other nations accept the thermos labelled LFGB and BS EN marks. We also easily find the national food safety standards like FSA in Japan, FDA in US and MFDS in Korea, etc. All of them have the same main content that ensures the safety for human health by listing the limit of toxic chemical concentration inside the materials of the bottle which contacts directly with food. 

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn. 

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn

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