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Thermos with button top - Small change makes a big difference

October 2nd, 2023

Rang Dong has released many vacuum flask models so far in 2021 which have impressed customers, resulting in rising revenue and good reviews from users. One of the best-selling models is a thermos with button top, coded RD-2045ST2.E. We're going to look into what makes the item outstanding from others on the market. Let’s check it out in the context below.


From the overlook, RD-2045ST2.E is tall and thin. A handle at the back helps people carry it around easily. The product has two push buttons on both sides of the lid top to ease the lid opening and pouring water in. The thermos body uses stainless steel with the scratched surface that helps prevent dust and fingerprints. A silicon gasket fully covers the lid, preventing heat leak.

Thermos with button top model RD-2045ST2.E

The thermos is designed to hold two liters of liquid, a good size for a family’s daily use. Its two-layer high-quality silver-coated glass refill can keep hot stuff at above 80 degrees Celsius after six hours, or cold stuff for up to 24 hours. Besides, the refill has food safety and hygiene certification, meaning no chemical or physical reactions take place when water contacts with the glass surface. The thermos can thus retain the flavor and taste of coffee or any other drinks.

Exceptional features

Thermos RD-2045ST2.E, developed by Rang Dong, Vietnam's leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products, has several exceptional features. Firstly, the thermos has a button top. In its previous design, a pump was built at the top so users would press to create pressure that was conveyed through a straw inside the glass refill to pump water out. In this new design, the pump has been replaced by a button, so we just need to press it to take water, while another press will stop it. The button is more convenient than the pump and it also brings more value in terms of aesthetics.

The second exceptional feature of the thermos with button top is that its body is made from six layers of insulation. The outer layer is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is friendly to the environment. The next two layers belong to the glass refill, ensuring safety and hygiene. Nitrate silver is used to coat the two layers of the outer surface of the inner glass bottle and the inner surface of the outer glass bottle, while a vacuum layer is created between the two glass bottles. These six layers of insulation help retain the heat long inside the thermos.

Guide to use

Thermos RD-2045ST2.E is helpful in making tea or coffee, with a large volume sufficient for the whole day. It comes in handy for meetings or conferences, with a large number of participants.

It comes in handy for meetings or conferences

A cup of tea or coffee will increase the focus, stimulate brainstorm and keep an optimistic atmosphere in the discussion.

All we need to do is to place the thermos in a corner for refreshment, and people can just come and press the button to get the drink. It is so convenient and helpful!

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