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Tips on how to make a good tea with milk

October 2nd, 2023

For milk tea fans, the tea with milk made from fresh milk should be a special drink, which combines tea aroma with a greasy taste without being fat of fresh milk. Let’s look at steps and tips for making a good tea with milk at home. This article will show you how to make a good milk teacup.

Ingredients for making tea with milk 

Tea bags: 1-2 packets (Lipton tea or personal favorite brand)

Hot water: 100 ml

Fresh milk without sugar: 40 ml

Condensed milk: 20 ml

Syrup: 15 ml (taste of choice)

Cocoa powder: 5 – 10 gr (please skip if the cocoa flavor is not in favor)

Pearls, jellies of all kinds

Shaved ice or ice cubes

Tools: teacup, large glass jar, stirring spoon, kettle, etc.


Ingredients for making tea with milk

Recipe for making milk tea 

Step 1: Sterilize tools with boiling water. Boil 100 ml of water, then let cool about 80%. Use the water to steep the tea for 3-5 minutes then remove the tea grounds or remove the filter bag. You should let the tea soak to ensure the liquid will be thick, so it won’t lose the aroma or natural acrid taste when mixed with milk.

Step 2: Put fresh milk, condensed milk, cocoa powder, and syrup into a large teapot and stir well. Add sugar depending on personal taste. Instead of granulated sugar, brown sugar can be used, so cook it slightly till it changes to a golden color, which will give the milk tea a beautiful color and deep tea flavor.

Step 3: Pour the mixed tea slowly into the milk mixture. Stir well. Then cool the mixture in the refrigerator. When taking out the teapot, you can add some ice cubes and shake the teapot for 10-15 seconds to create a layer of foam and milk tea blends for a more delicious taste.

Step 4: Pour milk tea into a glass, add pearls, jelly, shaved ice, or ice cubes, and enjoy.


Steps to make tea with milk.

Note when making milk tea 

Instead of using fresh milk with sugar, when making milk tea, please choose the fresh milk without sugar to increase the fatness of the milk tea without losing the tea’s natural aroma.

To ensure safety and hygiene, instead of using commercially available pearls and jellies, home-made jellies may be used.

In order to ensure milk tea to be delicious and have a standard taste, it is not recommended to store it in high temperature or direct sunlight. Use within the day and avoid leaving it overnight so the milk tea won’t oxidize or lose nutrients.

When preparing tea with milk, make the tea first, let the tea soak, then add milk. Pouring milk in as soon as the tea bag is added will make the tea cool quickly, the fats in the milk will reduce the nutritional value of the tea and lose the tea flavor

Making tea with milk, a popular beverage

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