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Choosing a teapot: things to consider

In any tea-drinking culture, the teapot always plays an important role because, apart from water, it has a strong say on the final taste of the tea, an indispensable drink in our modern life.  Depending on tea drinkers’ demand and the type of tea, various types of teapots, different in size, shape, material and design, have been developed.

Introduction about the teapot

Normally, the teapot often used by Vietnamese people is a ceramic pot or a product from Hanoi’s Bat Trang village. Those who are more sophisticated tea connoisseurs would choose the Tu Sa teapot. Choosing the right teapot is not easy.

There are different types of teapots on the market.

The first important factor to consider is the size. If we often drink tea, a teapot of as small as 50-100 ml is enough, but if for regular visitors, the teapot should be about 200-300 ml to serve five to eight people. Honestly, we do not need too many teapots for different purposes. Buying the teapot that we are going to use the most is enough. When we need to serve more people, a few more turns of water will suffice.

Conventional teapots come from China, with two forms available: high teapot and low teapot. As the name suggests, the high teapot is usually cylindrical with a small and high bottom, while the low teapot is usually spherical and has a larger width.

When buying a teapot, we should also note that a teapot with a simple design evenly divides the internal and external temperatures, helping the tea after being brewed to retain the inherent essence.

“Tu Sa” teapot

"Tu Sa" teapot is made of violet clay in Wuxi, China. This soil gives the teapot a unique feature of absorbing the flavor of the tea brewed inside. Therefore, the more delicious tea is brewed, the more flavorful it absorbs.

A set of “Tu Sa” teapot.

Many people even believe that if the “Tu Sa” teapot is used for a long time, we could just pour boiling water to get tea without having to put the tea in. Given this property, a “Tu Sa” teapot should be used with only one type of tea. The metal and mineral composition in Tu Sa including iron oxide, quartz, kaolinite and mica make the teapot resistant to high temperatures and difficult to break.

Pottery teapot

Pottery teapot has been the most popular type in the world from the past until now because of its diverse design and harmonious color. In Vietnam, the most famous is still Bat Trang pottery with heat and impact resistance much higher than conventional pottery. Pottery teapot can keep the heat well, and the ability to radiate evenly from the teapot also helps save the entire flavor and quality of the tea.

A set of pottery teapot.

Porcelain teapot

Porcelain teapots are also among the most popular and affordable, diversified and beautiful designs, used for receptions and during important events rather than for regular tea enjoyment.

Since these types of teapots have to be made for display, they have an irregularly internal and external design and will divide the temperature unevenly. Therefore, the brewed tea will not be delicious as tea leaves are extremely sensitive to uneven temperatures, which greatly affects the flavor and taste of a good teacup.

A set of porcelain teapot.

In Vietnam, a cup of tea starts the conversation, showing the hospitality of the Vietnamese people. Tea is a popular drink, yet it shows the pride of the whole nation.

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