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Several types of teapots that may go completely unnoticed

October 2nd, 2023

Tea is not just a simple drink, but it also has a unique culture of enjoying tea. For some people, drinking tea is simply an ordinary activity while tea connoisseurs consider it not only for drinking but also for enjoyment. Having a good cup of tea not only depends on the type of tea, its origin, but also the teapot as the tea would taste much better if brewed in the right pot.

What is a teapot?

Teapot is a tea-making vessel that steeps the tea leaves in hot water. A teapot is different from a kettle. For brewing tea, the kettle is used to boil water while the teapot is where we steep tea leaves.

Main types of teapots

Glass teapots

For a teapot collection, a good glass teapot should always be a great addition. They are ideal for brewing almost any type of tea and essential for the teas from flowers as we can enjoy the beauty of tea leaves opening in a glass pot. 

Glass teapots come in various sizes and shapes. They may have filters for glass, or metal, or no filters at all. Ball-shaped oolongs, such as Ti Kwan Yin, blooming tea, floral teas, Dragon Well, and many other green teas, are the best types to brew in a glass pot.

A glass teapot

Cast iron teapots

The best example of a cast iron teapot is a Japanese-style teapot called tetsubin. Not all tetsubins, however, are teapots. In fact, for boiling water, traditional tetsubins are used, because they would change the taste of water and enhance the tea flavor. 

Nowadays, both cast iron teapots and cast iron kettles are called tetsubin. However, cast iron teapots have an enamel coating and are used for brewing tea, not for boiling water.

A Japanese-style teapot is called ‘tetsubin’.

Ceramic teapots

There are a number of different ceramic teapots – porous ceramics, glazed ceramics, stoneware, porcelain etc. The most popular unglazed porous ceramic pots come from Yixing. They're made of purple clay (zisha) and are perfect for making Oolong raw Pu-erh tea. Over time, a thin layer of the inside coating can be obtained from brewing tea. That's why they can only be used for just one form of tea.

The other type of ceramic, stoneware, is non-porous and can be used to make various types of tea. Porcelain, which is also a type of ceramic, is very thin, sophisticated and should be used with great care.

A ceramic teapot

Stainless steel teapots

The greatest advantage of stainless steel teapots is heat retention. This ensures the tea stays hot longer than in a glass pot. It's also the most durable material since it would not break from falling or crack from boiling water.

A stainless steel teapot is the most durable.

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