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A French press - Secret to creating a perfect cup of coffee

October 2nd, 2023

French press coffee is very simple, yet popular in America and Europe as the pot designed by the French is believed to be the best way to fully enjoy the taste of coffee. Coffee will be “soaked” completely in water to unleash its flavor. In his book “Onward”, Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, also mentioned French press as his favorite brewing utensil.

What is the French Press coffee pot?

“For me, the best way to brew coffee has always been in a French press. That was how I’d brewed it at home for 25 years,” Starbucks’ Howard Schultz wrote in his 2011 book. “Unlike the drip method, where water passes over coffee grounds and drips through a filter, the coffee grounds in a press pot are continually steeped in water; the full immersion brings out a taste that just cannot be achieved by a drip brewer.”.

A French press coffee pot 

Many people must have guessed which country this pot came from. This is a pot with a long history of development in France, first designed by two French people, Mayer and Delforge in 1852. Following many changes and improvements, in 1958 Faliero Bondanini was patented for its own version of the French press, after which the coffee pot began to be produced and became known worldwide


The pot has a fairly simple structure in the form of a narrow cylindrical cup, with the body made of transparent heat-resistant glass. The lid is made from metal or plastic. Inside the bottle is a piston made of stainless steel, wrapped in a steel spring to fit the glass cylinder. The steel mesh filter has tiny eyes to filter the coffee

Construction of a French press coffee pot

The French press pot is often used to make ground coffee in its slightly coarse form. The coffee is then soaked in boiling water for 2 - 4 minutes. After pressing the piston, the coffee will be compressed and separated the pulp to the bottom, when pouring coffee, this residue will not leak into the cup, ensuring a delicious and "smooth" cup of coffee.

Outstanding feature

Compared with other ordinary coffee jars, the French press pot allows us to do many things as it integrates many features from latte, foaming to foaming to create artistic cappuccino or latte.

The French press pot can help make an excellent coffee cup.

One thing that turns a cup of coffee made from a French press more special than the conventional way is that the coffee is mixed with hot water in the same cup. Having been soaked for 4-5 minutes, the coffee can be freely blooming and flavored.

Currently, among the various types of automatic coffee machines and kettles available on the market, French press pots are still appreciated and preferred by many coffee connoisseurs.

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