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Coffee pot makes best travel companion for coffee lovers

January 11th, 2024

Always bearing in mind that a good cup of coffee is crucial to get through the day, coffee lovers can have their full satisfaction over their favorite drink even when they are on the go and have no access to hot water. It is where the coffee pot suggested in the following article comes in handy.

Rang Dong's various types of coffee pots cater to different needs

The advantages of using a coffee pot

Keep the original flavor of coffee for hours.

Insulation in a thermos bottle is intended to keep the heat in. Using a thermos bottle as our coffee pot enables lovers of the drink to keep the taste of the beverage and consume it warm at a comfortable pace. A good coffee pot may keep hot for 6–12 hours and cold for 8–24 hours, depending on the brand, material, and manufacturing process.

Besides, a small body of the bot makes it easy for one-handed pouring. The coffee pot can be cleaned in the washing machine or sink and is perfect for various settings, from work to school to parties and picnics.

A coffee pot produced by Vietnam's Rang Dong makes every cup of coffee enjoyable.

Easily to carry

Coffee enthusiasts will find a thermos bottle to be the ideal travel companion because it is so simple to pack the bottle storing their favorite beverage in a backpack.

Different pots for different purposes

For those looking for a compact and portable pot to store coffee while traveling or going to the gym, a hand-held body is the perfect option. The cover of the pot is designed as a portable cup, so just twist it and pour the drink out.

Samples of Rang Dong's hand-held coffee pots.

Larger pots, which have a steel or plastic body, are the best for the living room, conferences, hotels, restaurants, and businesses. Being capable to hold between one and two liters of beverage, the large pots can assist to keep any amount of coffee fresh for the whole day. Pots with bigger size are marketed by Rang Dong, Vietnam's leading manufacturer of vacuum flask products,

Rang Dong also offers coffee pots in bigger size.


For safety and hygienic purposes, please ensure the flask is cleaned with washing liquid before use and regularly rinsed with warm water. Moreover, it is required for flask conditioning.

Please make sure the inside lid is closed correctly after adding hot water.

Add one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and soak the flask overnight to dissolve the scale. Make sure to thoroughly rinse with warm water before reuse.

Keep the flasks out of children's reach and up right to prevent falling.

Should you have any questions or request a quotation of Rang Dong products, please send us an email to: export@rangdong.com.vn.

Websites: en.rangdong.com.vn and vacuumflask.rangdong.com.vn.


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Rang Dong’s various types of coffee pots cater to different needs
October 2nd, 2023
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