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From lab to life, the original thermos retains its principle

October 2nd, 2023

Vacuum flask, also widely known as thermos, has been existing for more than 130 years. From its 1892 invention until now, despite various materials, shapes and styles, its working principle remains unchanged. We are taking a close look at the development of the vacuum flask from its birth to the present day to see how today’s thermos changed from the original thermos back at the end of the nineteenth century.

The original thermos

Sir James Dewar was the inventor of the original thermos.

The first vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewar, a Scottish scientist, in 1892. He needed to keep his chemical at a stable temperature. So, he invented a vacuum bottle by placing a small glass bottle inside another bigger one and evacuated the air between them. When his chemical was poured into the inner small glass bottle, its temperature would be stable. At the beginning, the vacuum flask invention was used inside laboratories only.

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The Dewar flask was commercially manufactured and used widely in the laboratories.

Sir James Dewar started to hire a German professional glass blower, named Reinhold Burger, to commercially manufacture vacuum flasks as a necessary tool for chemical experiments in 1898. Then this man and his business partner, named Albert Aschenbrenner, started to think about improving the Dewar flask to a household item. Thermos Company was established back then. 

The word 'thermos' means ‘heat’ in Greek. It was originally a brand name of the company. But it was so famous that many of us use the word to call the vacuum flask.

The very first vacuum flasks were designed by Thermos Company.

At the early stage as a household item, the vacuum flask had the structure of the Dewar flask with a double wall glass bottle while the cover was diverse, usually made of plastic or stainless steel.

Today’s thermos

History of Rang Dong's vacuum flask production

Glass inner vacuum flasks are still present nowadays.

More than a hundred years have passed. The present thermos has many differences from the original thermos, with material being the first. The original thermos was made by glass only. Today stainless steel is also used to prevent the easy damage disadvantage of the glass. The glass inner vacuum flask is lighter in weight and good for the original taste of the drink while the stainless steel vacuum flask is more durable but more expensive.


Double-wall stainless steel vacuum flask stays strong in the market thanks to its durability.

Today’s thermos also has a variety of shapes and styles from many manufacturers all over the world. It can be used to contain drinks and food. The product has soon become a popular item for every individual and household beside its original scientific purpose. And in the near future, it might vary even more to meet the unlimited demand of humans.

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